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ARTPARIS+GUESTS, a project-oriented fair

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ARTPARIS+GUESTS, a project-oriented fair

from March 18 to 22, 2010

Grand Palais, Paris


By inaugurating a new kind of modern and contemporary art fair at the Grand Palais from 18 to 22 March 2010, ARTPARIS+GUESTS is stretching the envelope of traditional fairs throughout the world. Much more than a simple series of stands, this new edition sets itself apart through several artistic projects specially designed and carried out in direct and very exclusive cooperation with its participating galleries, which total 114.

ARTPARIS+GUESTS welcomes 114 international exhibitors with :

  • 46 newcomers
  • 30 galleries inviting "guests" from different fields of creation to emphasize art crossovers.
  • 17 countries/regions represented : Austria (with 1 gallery), Belgium (5), China (3), Finland (8), France (77), Germany (4), Hungary (1), India (1), Indonesia (platform), Italy (6), Luxembourg (3), Monaco (1), Morocco (1), Sub-Saharan Africa (platform), Switzerland (2), Ukraine (platform),  USA (1).
  • 7 special platforms to showcase the best of the emerging artistic scenes in global art market

For the first time ever, ARTPARIS+GUESTS is extending its range of action by creating an unprecedented opportunity to allow exhibitors, who so desire, to associate with other partners in the art market, or other players of their choosing coming from related fields: architecture, literature, media, cinema, design, music, gastronomy, etc.

Thanks to these special institutional and/or private guests, ARTPARIS+GUESTS is pushing the frontiers of creation to reflect the cross-disciplinary synergies of the world of culture, as well as those of the global art business. Such is the essential goal of the "+GUESTS" concept implemented by the ARTPARIS team beneath the glass dome of the Grand Palais.


ARTPARIS+GUESTS is thus establishing itself as a "crossover" event, the intended purpose of which is to reflect the vitality of the Parisian market and the international art scene, all disciplines combined - painting, sculpture, installation, drawing, performance, video, photography, etc.
And as a preview, visitors are greeted on the square by two monumental sculptures, the Waterwagon from Atelier Van Lieshout, presented by Jousse Entreprise.

ARTPARIS+GUESTS is being organized by Lorenzo Rudolf, Caroline Clough Lacoste, and Henri Jobbé Duval, who have combined their expertise and knowledge of the market to bring this event to fruition.
"Art never acts in isolation from the cultural spheres that form and nurture it", says Lorenzo Rudolf, general and strategic director of ARTPARIS+GUESTS. "The art market differs in the large number of players and their interactions. The work of a number of artists is also nurtured by their affiliation with one creative field or another. Let us recall the architectural proposition of Philippe Rahm for ‘La Force de l'Art' in 2009. Likewise, the art market must now redouble its inventive efforts to adapt to these different categories of works. It is up to ARTPARIS+GUESTS to reflect the reality of our times."

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