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Frequently Asked Questions


• Reproduction of the contents of

If you wish to reproduce in part or in total any content of the site (article, portfolio or film), you have to acquire the reproduction rights for the aforementioned content.

To acquire the reproduction rights for an article and print it on paper, please contact : Rights Management.

Notice: you have the right to quote an article. You have an equal right to create a link to our site, as long as this link opens a new window on the browser (cf. below).

• Creation of a link to

It is possible to create a link to a site without the express permission of its editor, under the sole condition that this link will open a new window on the browser. Notwithstanding, the editor reserves his right to ask the removal of a link, if he judges it is not in conformity with the site’s editorial policy.

    In all cases, and especially:
  • if you wish to display the logo of the editor,
  • in case the content of the editor’s site should have to be integrated in the navigation of your own site, and especially with the use of frames,
  • in any case, where access to the web pages containing the link to the editor’s site is not free,

you must ask for express authorisation by the editor, using this form.

It should be noted that the free authorisation to create a link to a site doesn’t include the right to reproduce part of its content in order to create the link.

• Identification problems on the site

Verify your email address and your password and repeat the identification process. Don’t forget to ensure case setting of your password. Check whether the CapsLock key of your keyboard is not accidentally activated.

If a problem persists, verify that the configurations of your browser and firewall allow the use of cookies and JavaScript. If thos is not the case, change the default settings of your browser and / or firewall and repeat the identification process.

Subscribers to the site, must register a first time to the site by clicking here.

If you have lost your password, use this page to create a new one.

• Downloadable content on the site

Certain articles, portfolios and films on can be downloaded. This possibility is given solely for the purposes of facilitating the viewing of the contents. The aforementioned contents can under no circumstances be divulged to third parties (see Terms and Conditions of Use). The downloadable contents are identifiable on the site.


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