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About us

FineArtTv is a new magazine and Tv channel dedicated to the world of images and to the artistic field in general.

    Each week, this unique channel seeks to convey nothing but the best of modern artistic trends through original, exclusive content:
  • groundbreaking articles
  • portfolios
  • movies

Our main priority is to broadcast the quintessential international creations. At the same time, we propose both a cultural as well as an entertaining moment for our readers. FineArtTv is an open window for those who are fascinated by arts.

In a word, with Fine Art Tv just open your eyes!

Our team

More than ten highly qualified experts, coming from various countries (USA, Europe, Asia...) currently collaborate within Fine art tv. From advertising executives, collaborators or theoreticians of photography and art, they all share the same passion for creativity.

Consequently, they travel all over the world to bring you the best in regards to art.

Lauri BounatirouWith his diploma of Marketing & Management under his belt, he started his career first within Bouygues and then in the Suez group. Fascinated by creation, he created and managed his own communication firm for seven years, "Les Salamanders" (the Salamanders), located in Paris. It came up to his expectations concerning the artistic expression dedicated to the marketing and commercial development: advertising campaigns for famous brands, production of about fifty corporate films, advertising videos but also documentaries.

He decided to reach a new phase in his self development by going into the management for derived rights of international feature-length films, including the animated film "Les Mystérieuses Cités d'Or" by Jean Chalopin. Then, he specialized in the world of photography by managing the picture rights of more than ten photographers, among them Richard Murrian (Chicago), Didier Carré (Paris) or Pascal Baetens (Belgium).

Originator and coordinator of Fine Art TV, he is the one who develops the concept and decides to surround himself with an international team of image professionals in order to expand the project.

Passionate and eclectic businessman, he considers the team spirit as the cement of a success.

Ricardo FernandesBorn in Brazil in 1968, Ricardo Fernandes brings over 20 years of education and expertise in the fine arts and design. He develops early his love for art, opening his way to his passion which later would become his professional career.

He graduated from a renewed Brazilian school of trade and decided to use his technical knowledge to serve art and design fields. He attended a continuing training in the arts domain, following a long international educational career graduating himself in Interior Design and Art History.

Through his passion he presents a unique experience that is both scholarly and inspirational, bringing the best of the art to collectors, working as art dealer, art critic (AICA), art adviser and curator also collaborating with renowned Brazilian and international magazines, where he writes essays and articles on art and design.

Laurence ParisFormer manager in large companies, Laurence Paris is involved in Art and luxury market for more than 10 years. In charge of international and local events, Laurence Paris holds the position of Partnerships & PR Director.




Andrey AnisenkoMedia specialist, Andrey Anisenko was the former General Manager of radio Europa Plus in Russia. Art Advisor and Luxury Market Specialist, Andrey Anisenko holds the position of Special Advisor and Country Manager for Russia.




HigginsPublisher at, Eric Higgins participates since the beginning to FineArtTv story. Internationaly known for his portfolios, Eric Higgins is a photo specialist and an Art Lover.




AntonyA few years after obtaining his degree in visual arts, Antony decided to complete his artistic formation by self-directed learning.

Whereas some people don't want to discover more than what they have been taught during their studies, he is fascinated by the moving pictures and still images that will quickly become his main means of visual expression.

As a composer and sound Arranger, he composes original soundtracks for medium- and feature-length films and handles sound and image in his own way. His multi-disciplinary approach to creation gives him the opportunity to be in charge of the artistic department as well as the creation team within FineArtTv.

TotieTotie's credits range from editor, director/cameraman, writer, photographer, advertising broadcast producer, publisher, etc.

In the year 2000, after having spent over a decade working in New York City, Totie took another challenge head-on in moving to Paris where he has continued doing what he loves doing.

A passionate storyteller, Totie brings a rigorous work ethic and an American eye to Fine Art Tv.



Io Paschou Born in Paris in 1977, Io studied photography in Greece and then continued her education in Paris with a Bachelor of Photography and Multimedia (Université Paris VIII).
After a Masters in Art and Archaeology, she got her PhD in History of Art, with honours, at Université Paris I, Sorbonne. She is particularly interested in the relation between photography and ruins, whether ancient or contemporary. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, both personal and collective (Cité Internationale des Arts, Centre Photographique de l’Ile de France, Paris, Neumuster Abbey, Luxembourg, Photobiennale, House of Cyprus, Greece).


Anaïs MarquetHolder of a masters degree in Art History and a diploma from the Ecole Supérieure de Journalisme (School of Journalism) in Paris, Anaïs Marquet collaborated as part of the editorial staff of a review dedicated to contemporary art before turning to broadcasting and the internet.

Fascinated by creation in general, she explores various artistic modes of expression through her eyes and her pen.



Advertisers - Partners

Fine art tv is serious about developing business relations of good quality with its partners, investors, distributors. Confidence and quality are the foundation of the philosophy of the channel and this must be conveyed in its themes and contents.

Our team carefully analyses all suggestions that are put forward and commits itself to respond to them as soon as possible.

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Artists - Press

We invite all the artists as well as their agents, publicists and gallery owners, to decide if we broadcast them. Fine art tv is a great opportunity for the artists to showcase the attention to their creations.

If you want to take part in Fine art tv,
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