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The PPP 2008 - Thierry Vasseur at Bortone Gallery

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Thierry Vasseur at Bortone Gallery




Today the Parisian Photography Promenade welcomes Photographer Thierry Vasseur to the Corrado Bortone Gallery.

The normally nice and calm Corrado Bartone Gallery has been invaded, literally, by the universe of Photographer Thierry Vasseur. 

These photos and their unmistakable charm have entered in the collective spirit. It's true that the collaboration with the author of SAS books, Gerard de Villiers, has given way to some particularly explosive book covers. Good Choice Corrado!

Galerie Corrado Bortone
13 rue Mazarine
75006 Paris
Web site :



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imakevideos 2008-06-17 22:49
This is a great series of coverage. Are there any more artists who you will cover? How does Higgins find the artists for his portfolios?

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