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The Diva Art Fair

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Right in the heart of Paris, the Diva Art Fair will raise a tent completely dedicated to galleries specialized in video and digital art. An event you can see from the 24th until the 27th of October.

The Diva Art FairThis year DiVA Paris 2008 offers its visitors a new format and a very exciting program : New location in Paris ; New venue: a tent ; New Curator: Macu Moran ; Tribute to Wolf Vostell ; And many more to discover.
DiVA Paris opens on Friday October 24th and will last until the next Monday October 27th. DiVA Paris presents a selection of 24 international galleries that have dedicated special attention to the works of video and digital media artists. The new format allows galleries to show these special works in a conventional art fair booth. However, to maintain DiVA special identity we chose black carpet and black walls throughout the entire venue.

Many related events will take place both at the site of the fair and at various venues in Paris.
DiVA is the first art fair dedicated to video and digital art. Galleries will exhibit works using moving image, new media and digital photography. Since the invention of photography, nothing has had a greater impact on artistic practice than the emergence of the personal video camera and later, digital technology. Today, cameras and video cameras, digital and otherwise, with the aid of computers, have become the ultimate tools in creating a dynamic arena for artistic expression without the limits imposed by the artist's physical surroundings.

The Diva Art FairAlthough more humbly than in Miami or New York, the art scene in Paris has proven to be very dynamic. Both old and new collectors maintain the tradition of collecting and caring for artwork through generations. DiVA Paris has become a valuable addition to the city's art arena with a growing number of local collectors welcoming video as a serious part of their collections.  

DiVA Paris will present a Tribute to Wolf Vostell. The tribute includes dedicating the cover of the DiVA Paris 08 catalogue to Mr. Vostell's work, publishing his work through 6 to 10 pages inside the catalogue and exhibiting some of his work at the site of the fair. DiVA has also asked Mrs. Berta Sichel and son Rafael Vostell  to be present as special guests for the occasion. Mrs. Sichel and Mr. Vostell Jr. shall present a lecture on the work of Wolf Vostell and discuss upcoming exhibitions on the master's works.

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