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The Brighton Photobiennial

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The third edition of the Brighton Photobiennial, which is entitled Memory of Fire: the War of Images and Images of War, will run for six weeks from Friday the 3rd of October to Sunday the 16th of November 2008.

The Brighton Photobiennial © Ashley GilbertsonBrighton Photobiennial has established itself as one of the most important photography festivals in Europe by delivering a challenging and stimulating event for both the general public and art specialists.

For Memory of Fire the provocative writer and critic Julian Stallabrass will curate ten exhibitions exploring photographic images of war, their making, use and circulation, and their currency in contemporary society. Stallabrass will explore the history and diverse scope of images of war using vernacular, documentary, art, digital, montage, historic and contemporary photography.

The Brighton Photobiennial © Museo de la Palabra y la ImagenFrom the horrors portrayed in the Vietnam war to the wildly divergent imagery created during the current conflict in Iraq, which takes in state-sponsored military firework displays made for the camera and the online spectacle of bombings and executions. From the oscillation between triumphalism and the melancholy of defeat in Latin American resistance movements to the futility of trench warfare in World War I. From the sublime beauty of aftermath art photography to the harrowing depiction of long-term damage endured by civilians and war veterans. From the revealing photographs made by serving soldiers to the mobile phone images of exiled Iraqi civilians. Given the continuing conflicts in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East, the representation of war dominates the wider culture.

The festival will create space for visitors to explore the complexities of war as a theme and how photography is used, with the invitation to make up their own minds and express their own views.

Artists and photographers include: Ghaith Abdul-Ahad (IQ), Julian Germain (UK), Ashley Gilbertson (AU), Philip Jones Griffiths (UK), Thomas Hirschhorn (CH), Frank Hurley (AU), Geert Van Kesteren (NL), Harriet Logan (UK), Don McCullin (UK), Susan Meiselas (US), Khalid Mohammed (IQ), Simon Norfolk (UK), Sebastião Salgado (BR), Paul Seawright (UK), Doan Cong Tinh (VN).

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