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Pierottini ''In The Moon'' at Visionairs Gallery

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Pierottini unveils its 2010 series "In The Moon" as a preview to Visionairs Gallery.
From April 15 until May 12, 2010
Opening April 15 from 6 to 9pm

"In the Moon" tries to see our life from above. Alone or together; communication is demanded.
The soul is the real appearance of a being.
The series " In the Moon " open doors and a windows allowing the spectators to plunge into him or herself. Their proper inner self, to confront, understand, feel their childhood memories, or their current or future dreams. Investigatinge a forgotten past, to confront the present with memories of past dreams intended. Pierottini seduces us with an exalting painting, elegant drawing, …an internal retrospective a voyage into image, reality and fantasy.


Pierottini at Visionairs GalleryPierottini at Visionairs Gallery

Pierottini, Italian artist, born in Belgium in 1959, graduated with honors from the Ecole Superieure des Arts (Belgium)
Price antenna 2 Gold French television
"Leonardo da Vinci Award" 2005 Commission Vinci EU and IEC Rome

Visionairs Gallery
14 rue des Carmes
75005 Paris – France
Tel. +33(0)142611515
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Pierottini at Visionairs GalleryPierottini at Visionairs Gallery


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