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Photobiennale Moscow 2008, Olga strikes back!

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Always at the center of the biggest events, the team of Fine Art Tv was at the Photobiennale in Moscow and we are proud to bring you this report.

A compulsory pre-summer passage with it's abundance of events, the Photobiennale event of Moscow was an occasion for us to discover a curious event of this scale.

© OGONYOKIn hindsight, I still ask myself the question how does Olga Sviblova, Madam Photo in Russia, carry at arm's length (or rather with arms squeezed tightly) this event in the city of Moscow! For me, she is the Photobiennale. You either hate it, or you fall under the charm. A woman of character, she has animated photography in Russia for many years. She has overcome the political issues and has established a deep rigor in Russian photography with little budget, during the events she organizes. In our film, diffused here, you can appreciate her passion for photography, her dynamism and the strength of her conviction.

© BERMENEVThe seventh installment of this Biennale event invades this gigantic city of more than 10 million inhabitants. The majority of the places of contemporary art have their events and exhibitions. You must therefore dedicate several days in order to appreciate the content rich expositions.

With about one hundred exhibitions spanning a two month period, the Biennale event of Moscow associates Russian figures of photography with international stars around three themes which are color and light, the surprise, the astonishment and a review of the agency Magnum. For Olga Sviblova it is also the occasion to uncover young artists for the public that is more numerous with each event.

We could give you the long list of the events to go through, telling you for example about exhibitions dedicated to Gursky, Konopka, Boubat, Giacomelli, as well as the 60 years of the Magnum Agency... Simply, we invite you to watch the reportage of this event and to visit the website of the House of photography of Moscow.

© Zintchenko

Lauri Bounatirou

Portfolio Photobiennale Moscow 2008


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