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Opus in Fide

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Nearly two hundred and fifty guests went on June 7, 2010 to the third annual evening of OPUS IN FIDE at the Interallied Circle in Paris. It was the occasion to discover artists coming from multiple disciplines like sculptor KASPER, the actor Michael Lonsdale (James Bond Moonraker, Munich by Steven Spielberg...).

For Michael Lonsdale, this event enabled him to present its last book `Confidence'. This French actor born in 1931, begins his cinematographic career in 1956. He has the occasion to work for the best directors like Steven Spielberg, François Truffaut, Jean Luc Godard, Costa Gavras or John Frankenheimer. Painter, writer, actor, Michael Lonsdale are a contemporary artist with a astonishing pallet of expression.

Opus in Fide

At the same time, KASPER, French sculptor, born in Paris in 1962, presented its multiform work, proof of the diversity of its talents. Sculptor of various universes mixed of mythological, equestrian, (...), between classicism and modernity, all its works release a force which does not leave anybody indifferent.

Celebrate for its " Poisson man "  KASPER evolves with ease between small parts and monumental works, according to its inspiration or answering orders, but always with a view to the least detail.

Opus in FideOpus in Fide

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Opus in FideOpus in Fide


0 # Soirée annuelle du réseau OPUS IN FIDE
DUCHATELET 2010-09-03 19:14
Merci Lauri
A très bientôt avec joie

Bien sincèrement

Benoît Duchatelet
06 43 61 28 49

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