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Olivier Dassault at the Gallery Corrado Bortone

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It is as Photographer that Olivier Dassault, the captain of industry exposes at the Gallery Corrado Bortone.

From his journeys, photographer Olivier Dassault brings back images, motives which will be at the origin of his assemblies. At first sight, the reality is almost imperceptible, it expresses himself in the abstraction. Shop window of cafe, fragments of pavement taken with an argentic camera become materials and first material of his photographic paints. The world unites in a single work and creates a whole, a geometrical construction of the glance turned toward the diverse ways to live a landscape or a culture. The line is important, the geometrical sense of his assemblies express his will to get closer to the essence of what surrounds him.

Olivier Dassault at the Gallery Corrado BortoneOlivier Dassault at the Gallery Corrado BortoneAs every artist, photographer Olivier Dassault broadcasts us by the plastic language his thought, his sensitive analysis, his perception. There is nothing surprising that a man such as he is, who has the the capacity to ally the different professions of industrialist of the aeronautics and the press, deputy, composer of music and photographer wants to unify rather than to burst.

Among so much variety, photographer Olivier Dassault finds the balance in the synthesis, in the order which brings him the concept of the geometry and the color. And once again he makes himself creator and pioneer. The simple recording is not convenient for his interventionist nature. It is necessary to stack, to clear up, to give power to the retail, to reveal what we do not pay attention to create a new way of seeing.

In the middle of his photographic paintings and of his guests, photographer Olivier Dassault enjoy the evening with a sparkling glance. There is hardly to believe that this exhibition of his sensibility provokes in him an embarrassed pride. Humble and happy, he observe the effect which his works produce on those who love him. He is not of those who speak hardly but expresses himself in a powerful way through his various manners to create.

Olivier Dassault at the Gallery Corrado Bortone
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