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Looking to the future

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Looking to the future"It would have been useless to develop a centre of excellence on a site lacking intellectual inspiration. We must be original in our thinking and create a new environment."

The relevance of these few words from the President René Monory is accentuated on the dawn of the 25th birthday of the Futuroscope site.

Driven by the dynamics of Futuroscope, la Vienne does not cease to look to the future. Imagination and creativity linked with a strong willingness to implement the right decisions are evidence of the efficiency of this forward thinking Country in its progress with regard to natural and structural evolution.

It must have taken a great deal of intuition, a substantial amount of risk-taking and perseverance in order to create this site which founded a new centre for activity, as well as a new perspective on the future and on the dynamics of urban planning. This vision 25years ago, then an unexplored concept concerning modern IT and communications technologies together with the philosophy of an optimist presenting a promising future, led to the creation of a site wich booms in activity, creating thousands of jobs and conveying an image of innovation and inspiration.

With thanks to Futuroscope, la Vienne County survived more pessimistic periods of activity better than many others and succeeds in integrating the basic elements of the new economy. The site today brings together approx. 10 000 users (employees, students, inhabitants) and constitutes a European reference in town and country planning, not forgetting the extraordinary influence of the County which has succeeded in developing experience and success in its exchanges all over the world.

The adventure continues as innovation and creation which rule incessantly drive this centre of excellence towards new dynamism and processes. "The future is built day by day" René Monory.

The exhibition today which associates two Chinese and two French artists is the perfect illustration of this philosophy. It guides the visitor on a discovery of emotions and sensitivity. This exhibition comes up close to meet its audience and this book reminds us of this special experience.

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Futuroscope, Poitiers Summer 2012


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