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Les nuits magiques

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The 18th International Festival of Animated Film, "Les nuits magiques" will take the place of "The Festival", the first French film festival specialized in animated film and special effects in Bègles (France) from December 3rd until the 14th. It's the opportunity to come and discover the wealth of animated films through creative works from the world over.  Also, participate in the competitions of short and full-length films as there are several audience awarded prizes.

Les nuits magiquesIn addition to the now classic sessions competition, you can also browse a selection of German short films from the region Hesse as well as Korean short films, movie-concerts and programs for the young viewers.

The festival program:

International competition of short animated films : competition of short films "Modern tales"; competition of short films "Humor"; competition of short fLes nuits magiquesilms "Curiosities"; competition of short films "fantastic" ; competition of short films "Uncategorized".

Short animation films out of competition : Program of German short films; programs of Korean short films; program of short films for the toddlers "Méli-Mélo" and "Laban, the small ghost".

International competition of full-length animated films : "Idiots and Angels"; "Mia and Migou"; "piano no mori"; "Sita sings the blues"; "One night in one city".

Full-length animated film out of competition : "Madagascar 2".

Ciné-Concert : "Do Ré Mi Fa Ciné" by the Roquette Philharmonic.

The awarded Prizes:
- Five Awards from the Public for short films
- The Award from the Public for the full-length film
- The Award of the best French-speaking short film awarded by Beaumarchais / SACD
- The Award of the Young Public
- The Award of the Young Jury

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Les nuits magiques
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