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Julia Milner at the European House of the Photography

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The young Russian artist Julia Milner is back on our chaine for her exhibition at the European House of the Photography. Her Mobilographie, Universe and Click I Hope is to be seen in Paris until October 26th.

Julia Milner, who had represented Russia in the Biennial of Venice in 2005, is exposed at the moment to the European House of the Photography. For you, our team went to the inauguration of this event and brought back to you photos and video.

© Julia MilnerThe visitors were many, last Tuesday, to penetrate into this place of exhibition dedicated to the photography to discover Julia Milner's digital work. Friends, family, known and curious roamed about four hours under the glances of the artist and Olga Sviblova, the manager of The House of the Photography of Moscow. Dressed in an elegant black dress, the magnificent Russian young lady knew how to be attentive to the waits of her public. Discussing with each, she circulated in the middle of her works, answering the questions of the admirers and of diverse media come to question her. From her part, Olga Sviblova hurried to explain to the diverse personalities of the Parisian art, the subtleties of the work of her protégée by walking with them through it.

In an intimist light contrasted, in the entrance, some examples colored with the Mobilographies of Julia Milner. Taken with a mobile phone, these friends' portraits and self-portraits were directly modified on the telephone. This former model does not hesitate to show automockery by representing herself under diverse make-ups which transform radically her face. She adds also certain details as the veil of the Moslem women or the red point to the forehead of the Hindus so as to represent herself through different cultural models. Her use of the mobile technology opens a door in the diversification of he photographic medium.

© Julia MilnerBy continuing, the spectator is plunged into a darkness which the works of the series Universes come to enlighten. Appearing slowly, her invented galaxies, circular nebulas, lunar eclipses, solar tasks and solar winds bring at first an aesthetic pleasure. By looking it more closer at, the visitor will find in the rising forms of the references to the sex of the woman and to the creation in a more general way. Olga Sviblova writes on this matter: " Through the cosmic landscapes we see appearing in her works the feminine sexual principle - totemic sign of eternal femininity of the Universe. The dynamics of the changes of genre which we observe, in particular, in the artistic processes, shows itself by the fact that the male totemic signs give up gradually the place to the feminine principle. "

The third exposed work appears under the shape of a large-sized screen on which circulate the translation of the expression " I hope " in various languages. Another screen is under the first one. Tactile, it gives the possibility of clicking one of the translations and of being so added among participants (who are also counted on the web) having chosen a language rather than the other one. The more a language was chosen, the more it appears in a size important in the screen. The comments of Olga Sviblova are for this subject also illuminating: " We cannot know the motives which urge the participants to click on " I Hope " in such or such language. But to click "I Hope" is not to click "I Kill", now it is what make do most of the electronic sets and it is the message which spread the uncountable media. Click I Hope is a virtual battery of hope, so necessary for each of us. "

Follow right now, interview of Julia and Olga and visit the exhibitionthrough the report which we dedicate her.

© Julia Milner
Portfolio of Julia Milner


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