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For the 9th edition, the festival @rt Outsiders exposes Inter polar Art at The European House of Photography (MEP). Works and a series of conferences dedicated to artistic, ecological and scientific problems of Antarctica will be presented from Wednesday, September 24th until Sunday, October 12th.

@rt Outsiders - © I-TASCCreated by Henry Chapier and Jean-Luc Soret, @rt Outsiders is interested in reports on art, science and new technologies. Having developed subjects so diverse as Space Art (2003), Censorship on the Web (2004) or Invisible Territories of Infinitesimal and Parallel Worlds (2007), the event concentrates this year on Polar Art.

In the form of a festival during the odd years, the even years focus on striking works. Beyond the purely artistic dimension, the festival wants to raise awareness on societal questions. In 2008, The European House of Photography and its partners presented a work, I-TASC. A real project led by the Slovenian artist Marko Peljhan and a series of conferences involving various artists such as Andréa Polli, Catherine Rannou and Ewen Chardronnet.

Started in March, 2007 and held until summer, 2009, the International Polar Year (IPY) is designed to raise awareness of the polar processes and their links globally through numerous projects and initiatives. It is within this IPY that I-TASC(Transnational Interwhodunit Art Science Constellation) was created; a network of individuals and organizations collaborating in the domains of art, engineering, science and technologies.

Created to serve as a platform for dialogue between scientists, artists and technicians of digital media in the domains of telecommunications, migration and climatology, I-TASC has embarked on the development of a prototype of a new generation polar station.

@rt Outsiders - © AndreaPolliCalled "LADOMIR" (LAD of "harmony", "living being", and MIR, "peace", "world", "universe"), the future station will look for the exemplary nature in terms of zero impact on the environment and sensible use of technologies:  renewable energy, biological systems, recycling of water waste, usage of free-ware and "open source" technologies, sensor systems and integrated management of self-sufficiency.  This environmental data will be available to all.

Along with the presentation of I-TASC, in the showcase of the European House of Photography (MEP), conferences intended to emphasize the current artistic practices in and around Antarctica will be held. The interventions of the Cube ( Issy-les-Moulineaux), will be dedicated to eco creation.

Among the artists presented by the MEP, discover Andrea Polli with maps and sound landscapes that permit the perception of climate change and translates the natural reality of Antarctica and that of human activity on this continent. Also enter the core of architect Catherine Rannou's work: videos and drawings trace the environments of Antarctica, permanently occupied by temporary residents.

With the magazine Planet Laboratory, immerse yourself in scientific questions (climatology, spatial, biological, zoological, etc.) and fundamental strategic issues of Antarctica.

To go beyond the images of endless ice-cold white or the moving penguins; beyond a purely scientific, logistic but also.. tourist presence, the artists work today is "to put the poles in the center". On display until October 12th.
Maison Européenne de la Photographie
5-7, Rue de Fourcy
75 004 Paris

@rt Outsiders - © Catherine Rannou
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