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ART AFFAIR Cannes 2010

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There is a new kid on the block this year during the Cannes Film Festival: ART AFFAIR, the boutique art fair, Miami style comes to the Carlton Hôtel with 20 international art galleries and a rooster of happenings and events.

ART AFFAIR comes after a hiatus of almost 10 years since the Côte d'Azur last hosted a contemporary art fair.

For this first edition, ART AFFAIR brings a mix of local and international galleries including Kamiya Gallery, Tokyo showing exquisite Japanese contemporary etchings for the first time on the Côte d'Azur; Artmostphere from Vienna and ART+ from Miami exhibiting masters from Andy Warhol's original celebrity and movie star series. Galerie Ferrero, Nice representing Sacha Sosno's iconic obliterations, to name just a few.
In all, there will be a total of 10,000 sq feet of exhibition space covering the main floor of the Carlton Hôtel, the Aéroport Nice Côte d'Azur, the Aéroport Cannes Mandelieu, and the Audi Beach Cannes decorated by acclaimed designer Ora Ito.
A unique installation of 7 large sculptures will welcome the 1.5 million visitors arriving at the Nice Côte d'Azur airport during the month of May.

ART AFFAIR Cannes 2010ART AFFAIR Cannes 2010

"One never has a second occasion to make a good first impression", comments Bernard, creator of the event.  With an installation by Piet Van, "Sit on Millions", a sculpture featuring an accumulation of 500 Euro bank notes amounting to several billion at Terminal 1 arrivals; ART AFFAIR will be undeniably noticed. Visitors coming through the new executive airport will be welcomed by Swiss master sculptor and designer Dante's metallic frame of the mythic Mercedes 300SL based on the very one that used to belong to Pablo Picasso himself.

  • ART AFFAIR serves as a back drop for non-stop events surrounding the art fair itself, with conferences and rare appearances in Europe of Mr. Aeyogi, President of Museums of Japan, taking place the 19th; Director of Villa Arson on the 14th; and movie projections, fashion shows, and a remarkable play: "L'affaire Dussaer", by Jacques Mougenot, scheduled on the 22nd.
  • ART AFFAIR will stage daily art events celebrating the local art scene, both with iconic masters and emerging talents, including 26 year old Emmanuel Regent, recently honored with a personal exhibition at Palais de Tokyo in Paris; Gabriel Martinez, photographer of nudes; and Ben Vautier who is presenting an exclusive series of short movies alongside paintings created especially for the occasion.

ART AFFAIR wishes to create bridges between the different forms of artistic expression, and stage art as a way of life; bringing back some of the glamor that made the image of the Riviera and the Film Festival. With that in mind, ART AFFAIR is also including a selection of kiosks for partners of fine luxury goods.

ART AFFAIR was created by a well-known couple in the international art world who previously were residents of Miami where they were involved in the spectacular growth of the local art scene alongside Art Basel Miami-Beach. They have embarked on this new challenge to bring some spark from their American experiences to the Riviera art scene, giving rise to ART AFFAIR Cannes'10.

  • Jean BERNARD, collector at heart, gallery owner, and public art event organizer in Miami, New York and Paris. His previous shows include a 24 sculpture installation on the Champs Elysées winter 2008-09.
  • Debra ARMAN, historic inspiration for Andy Warhol and Keith Haring, member of the artist Arman family, is an active patron for emerging talents and advisor for collectors.

A true artistic and cultural event, ART AFFAIR Cannes'10 will put a new perspective on the contemporary art world. The choice of the town of Cannes at the time of the season's kick-off heralds back to the days when the Côte d'Azur drew the most prestigious artists to its shores, the likes of Renoir, Léger, Matisse and Picasso. ART AFFAIR Cannes'10 brings this rich artistic past to the present. Schedule your personal contemporary art rendez-vous from May 14-22 at the Intercontinental Carlton Hôtel for ART AFFAIR Cannes'10, the art fair you don't want to miss.

ART AFFAIR Cannes 2010ART AFFAIR Cannes 2010ART AFFAIR Cannes 2010


 May 13th    6:00 PM  Inauguration ART AFFAIR
 May 14th  11:00 AM  Conference by M. Deray, director of Villa Arson, Nice
 May 14th  all day  Duplex with Centre Georges Pompidou de Metz in celebration of its opening
 May14th  6:30 PM  Vernissage for Emmanuel Regent
 May 15th  11:00 AM  Conference by Mayor of Marseille on Marseille European Capital of the Arts  2013
 May 15th  9:00 PM  Gala diner  to benefit «  a GIFT FOR LIFE »  research against Leukemia
 May 22nd  11:00 AM  Theatrical play « L AFFAIRE DUSSAERT » by Jacques Mougenot
 May 22nd  2:00 PM  Performance « Kiss Art » by Valerie Arboireau
 May 22nd  6:30 PM  « Ben fait son Cinéma » vernissage for Ben

-      Fashion shows, Photo shoots
-      Projections of various footage
-      Daily vernissages with masters of the local art scene, and presentations of young local artists...
-      Conference by Mr. Aeiogi

May 14th-22nd 2010
Intercontinental Carlton Hotel *****
58 Boulevard de la Croisette
Cannes - France
1:30   8:30 PM


0 # Dr. C.E.T.I. 2011-04-17 07:59
Accolades to the creators ingenuity of "Art Affair" @ Cannes Film Festival - this is something relatively 'new' to me - as i wasn't aware of this affair previously. I believe many new prospects may well arise from said 'Art Affair'.

I like the works in stone by Woods Davy btw - his artistry has inspired me for over a decade.

Thanks for havin' created this website & links - i do enjoy the ingenuity, as previously mentioned.

Congratulations to all involved in this endeavor - and my lady & i enjoy viewing this exquisite website - Thanks as well my friends . . .

With Respect, joanne & richard w lubrich jr

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