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Tuomo Manninen

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Tuomo Manninen comes to us from Northern Europe, Helsinki in Finland to be exact. In 1995 he began to work on group photos and more particularly by working on the theme of Me/We.

Tuomo travels include: Katmandu in 1995, then Riga, Helsinki, Saint-Petersburg, Lisbon, Hamburg, Ho Chi Minh City, Tonder, Paris and Havana and he now intends to leave for Ramallah, Maputo, Istanbul and Berlin to continue his work on these group photos which is so dear to him.

© Tuomo ManninenTuomo is a hybrid of photography, because the images which he conceives through his objective are on the axis of documentary photography and staged photography. The persons who pose for him, are in compositions of perfect structure. © Tuomo ManninenThey are moreover all motivated by the fact that this photography immortalizes the present moment forever, so suited in the idea that the group portrait erases individuality.

We interviewed him during the International matches of Arles and he was able to explain this work but also the involvement appropriate for the group. Indeed, every overview testifies perfectly to the reality of the group and these portraits are so unique in the face of our current world.

Identical work, sociological dimension, the photography of Tuomo Manninem is cared for, choreographed and the lighting is very studied.

Of real life scenes, it is a testimony to humanity.

© Tuomo Manninen

Portfolio by Tuomo Manimen


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