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Stefan Gesell - At the end of it all

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This week we take you along to Germany for a discovery of a rather particular tone.

Rewarded on several occasions at various international photographic competitions like Trierenberg SuperCircuit, Stefan Gesell has been a photographer for less than ten years. This Munich based photographer welcomed us to a photo shoot where we could appreciate the completely original spirit of his creations.

© Stefan GesellStefan Gesell  is obviously for the purists, the fact that Stefan uses the electronic paint system could seem a photographic sacrilege. On the other hand, as a former graphic designer, he knows how to adapt the universe of the science fiction comic and to apply it to his photographic universe.

We do not mislead, a certain number of photographs that he has made have practically not been retouched, because as a pugnacious and attentive man, Stefan Gesell  had learned in a just a few years how to control the lighting, the decoration, stylism, make-up...

© Stefan GesellHis creations are unsettling, sometimes violent, he draws from imaginations of the masters of comics who so often found a life much more real via the cinema. Stefan, transforms his model, whether it is a man or a woman: at the time of the shooting we were really in another universe, on another planet. He pushes the models so that they have to be expressive in their glances, in the distorsions of their bodies. The movement has importance, and it is also the force of his photography. His photo studio has several immense prints which are truly impressive to see. His inspiration is not only related to comic strips, as he says to us during his interview, impassioned by photography, he loves photographers like Saudek, Helnwein or the grand master Herb Ritts.

© Stefan GesellIn his futuristic universe fragrance blends with a refined erotism with an assumed graphic touch. His first book is a mix of all of his first attempts of photography through multiple universes. Dark, industrial, extravagant, the images are graphically powerful and the creation can take a very long time. The sense of detail is strong, it multiplies the wide shots as well as the tighter shots, Stefan Gesell  plays with the light, his work has links with movies.

We do not doubt the capacity that Stefan Gesell has to go even further in the years to come and we will attentively follow his path and we will keep you informed.

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0 # Excellent interview
michael 2008-02-15 15:01
Really good video! I love the scenes in which Gesell talks about his sources of inspiration and you show the respective work of him. Great. The sound underlines the spectacular photos - really good. I hope to see more like this over here in the future.
Cheers, Michael

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