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Rancinan - Metamorphoses


Provocative ? No, philosophical !

Since we started to make a documentary on Gerard Rancinan, I am amazed by the work done in this photo series entitled  "Metamorphoses" and exhibited at the Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

This series brings us back to the illustrious photographers of scenography such as Bernard Faucon. Gerard Rancinan is a contemporary artist that we could finally qualify as a plastician photograph. MetamorphosesAs a Press photographer, he navigated around the world photographing and making portraits of our world and its actors. And art photography progressively started to invade his world.

Humorous and easy to access, Gerard Rancinan performs a job that questions us about the evolution of our society. As a conversation between him and Caroline Gaudriault, his faithful colleague and journalist, "Metamorphoses" and his photographic paintings reveal to viewers the artist's ambition to be the other messenger, not a TV one, of a world that never stops running.

© RancinanOut of the mirages of our society -culture of excess, unfailing appetite for appearance, hegemony of television, (...)- Gerard Rancinan is not the photographer of a desperate situation, but the creative author fed with a (de)composing world.

But make no mistake, Gerard Rancinan does not only subtly revisit the great classical art works of past centuries, Gerard makes himself the author of compositions whose details leave the viewer or the collector speechless with admiration, curiousity and astonishment.

"Naître et mourir", the final triptych is the consecration of this photographic series.
As the philosopher Paul Virilio says, it is actually "the sum of all our fears".

© Rancinan

Do not hesitate to view the film that we publish, directed by Vincent Tavernier.

Gerard Rancinan at the Palais de Tokyo up to December 5th.

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