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Patricia Parinejad celebrates Oscar Niemeyer



Mac Niterói


Persian-German photographer Patricia Parinejad spent five years devoting her time and attention to the works of Oscar Niemeyer.
This exhibition presents a selection of these pictures taken in different parts of the world, giving us a broad sense of the notion of architecture and its capacity to generate harmonious living by means of inventing new spaces.

These are objects that inhabit our day-to-day lives and are inscribed in our sentimental memory of places. It can be noted, therefore, that Parinejad invites us to perceive the human (and humanist) character of the architecture, from her attention to certain details - marked by the passing of time acting on the buildings - to the small revealing scenes of intimacy shared between ordinary people and the constructions.
In short, there is an emotive architecture.

On the other hand, by striving to frame the images in an unusual manner she stimulates the viewer to rediscover not only the buildings, but also, as a result of such details, the subtleties in Niemeyer's creative genius. The desire for an encounter, not by chance the word chose by the artist to name the exhibition, translates precisely that special moment of seeing, seeing again, celebrating and being together with what touches us. What could be more precise to describe the pleasure afforded by this combination of a sensitive eye and striking architecture?

Guilherme Bueno
Director Mac Niterói

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© Patricia Parinejad© Patricia Parinejad


her approach is a dialogue about vision and precedent, influence and inspiration, theory and practice,
passion for cutting-edge architecture, unique design, contemporary art,
fine cuisine -
german-persian photographer patricia parinejad has published several books with taschen as a producer and writer, collaborated on precious bookprojects with air france and pommery and her work as a contributing photographer is featured in the international press.
her architectural work is part of the permanent collection of OSCAR NIEMEYER MUSEUM CURITIBA, BRAZIL.
solo exhibitions and groupshow worldwide as well as a prize at the arles photofestival -conceptual series of digitally manipulated photographs based on children's eyes - brought her personal work into various private collections.
with her strong design ethics she has been commissioned mostly by up-market clients seeking unique and individual visual expressions for their work. she continues working with high end architectural and designfirms and developers as well as luxury hotel groups, DESIGNHOTELS.COM and the top rated cruise line CELEBRITY CRUISES, plus private clients such as the SFMOMA, CARTIER International. she does also foodphotography for michelin star chefs in paris, las vegas, tokyo, berlin..

patricica recently returned from an extended photojourney in brazil about oscar niemeyer's architectural work for her upcoming book.

Patricia Parinejad"i am developing an open and fresh floading feminine dialogue in my photographic approach: conceptual - free - sensual and human - investigating form and space in details, contexts reinforcing his own vision and paying hommage to this great central figure of brazilian architectural modernism and the people of his country."

highly commited to the environment her artistic body of work - 'GREEN ART' features 

images of nature using 100% recycled material in printing and framing.

patricia's approach to photography is immediate, direct.

having lived and travelled in all continents her photographs feature the blurring bounderies between art, architecture and design,in capturing experimental travel images, abstract cityscapes..
she has created art that envelops architecture instead of the other way round. patricia understands the value of tradition as well as the importance of pushing contemporary concepts and challenges the interplay between the two.

"our way of living today is ..
expanded, fragmented, kaleidoscopic, infinite..."

patricia practises intensive iyengar yoga and holds an american and english literature - lives and works in berlin.

april/may 10
"digital dreams"
los angeles

feb 10/ april 10

dec 09 /jan 10
los angeles

oct 09
« winterschmerz »
documenting rejection
galerie baudoin lebon, paris

oct 09:
Official Honorable Mention of the 2009 International Photography Awards for 'GREEN ART'

FIAC oct 08-jan 09
"retour sur terre" group show / 6 artists paris, france

FIAC oct/nov '07:
"miroir mon beau miroir" group show guerlain/paris, france

june/july 07:
'eyes' paris

feb 06
"sky" conceptual series /avaiation photography /paris


Portfolio by Patricia Parinejad


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