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Pablo Bartholomew

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Indian photographer Pablo Bartholomew is 51 years old. He has been a photojournalist for the international press for 25 years. Here is a man passionate about his art that he decided to exhibit this year at Arles. For this exhibition, he has neither chosen his most recent nor his best-known work, instead he has chosen his early collection of black and white photos from the 1970’s and 80’s.

While serving us his own past, he reveals a completely changing India. He allows us to transcend the differences between the motorway and a dirt road, from hippies to rock concerts and to the urbanisation of villages.

© Pablo BartholomewFor this exhibition, Pablo Bartholomew  has scanned his first 35000 black and white negatives to expose this time of his adolescence.
Pablo Bartholomew comes from a left wing intellectual family, educated in the arts, painting, and theatre. His father, also passionate in photography gave him his first Leica camera.
Pablo Bartholomew was expelled from school at 15 and he started to photograph the insides of his friends’ houses. In the middle of the 70’s, he arrived in Delhi with his camera in hand and he captured the ghettos, the train station full of tourist and artists.

Pablo discovered another world and photography became his first love. He developed his film himself in his own dark room, selected his own photographs and improvised relentlessly.

© Pablo BartholomewTowards the end of the 70’s, Pablo began to seek out new adventure, and he moved out to discover the streets of India’s biggest city, Bombay. It was in Bombay where Pablo discovered the cinema and advertising and also became more interested in photojournalism.

In the beginning of the 1980s, he started to spend more of his time and energy covering international events and publishing his work.
The series of his youth shows photographs that have been lost but are perfectly preserved.

Today, Pablo understands that his love for photography was born during his years as an amateur. He wasn’t a professional photographer during this period but worked because of his passion, and for us spectators whom he has suprised beyond expectations.

FineArtTv is pleased to present you this photographer with such great passion for his art and his country.
His work, and his passion but our camera gives witness during this interview with Pablo Bartholomew.


Portfolio by Pablo Bartholomew


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