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Michel Médinger

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Michel Medinger, was a real lover of photography before becoming a professional at this art-form himself.
He is a specialist of photographs featuring as its subject dead animals, something that he loves to photograph, with a lot of passion and technical perfection in his Luxemburg studio.
For the most part he photographs his subjects in a frontal position without the use of a flash, this produces strong contrasts, which gives an almost sculptural dimension to his subjects.

© Michel MédingerMedinger has a penchant for black and white photography, with analog cameras and we can say it is real photography in its pure state... For this, he uses his trusty Polaroids a type 52, 53 or 55, with their instant film, capturing the carefully prepared moments.
Like a painter, he collects objects of a particular vintage that he often finds in dustbins to create his illusionary images that become like paintings.
He also often uses an unfocused tonality on his Polaroid shots, giving a nostalgic atmosphere, just like the very first photographic techniques of nineteenth century.

© Michel MédingerMedinger shoots contemporary pictures that combine all the possibilities of analog photography. So far he has managed to resist the temptations of digital photography and deeply regrets the closure of Polaroid. Nonetheless, he will probably continue to find alternative low cost techniques for his future works.

He confided in us that: I cannot stop time, but I can stop an instant. I can hold a moment, and that for me is satisfying.
This notion of time seems very important to Medinger. He loves to talk about the time he takes to prepare his subject matter in the studio, alone putting the finishing touches to his ideas, in his black and white laboratory and last of all his time photographing with his camera.

© Michel MédingerHe is really a contemporary artist, in love with the past, but not living in it.  FineArtTv met him at the last exhibition of his work in June at the Dorothys Gallery in Paris.
Medinger explained to us that he loves to exhibit his works in different locations, and to see the different reactions of the visitors and to finally to get to talk to them.  He has participated at several combined exhibitions, notably at the International Forum in Tokyo, at the State Museum of St Petersburg and the Ken Damy Museum in Milan.

FineArtTv is proud to introduce you to an artist in love with the past, but living for the future...


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