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Maleonn - Life is a scene


Maleonn is a Chinese photographer with an oniric universe. A great beginning of career for this professional of the creation which comes us from Asia, and who mixe culture, vision and feelings.

© MaleonnArtistic Director and born in a family of artists, Maleonn, of his true name Ma Liang, starts in 1995 by producing short films from whom he made the director. It is in advertising film that he made his name but very quickly it feels restricted in this role by waitings of the customers and the constraints of the agencies.

For him; in fact the modern systems of work of the image quite naturally led it to move towards a career of photographer. This artist of 37ans, born has Shanghai, succeeds in retranscribing on his works the very broad field of his imagination, of his roots.

© MaleonnIts photographs are at the same time distrubing and aesthetically very worked. Fetishist, it likes to put in scene characters grimés with accessories such as costumes or masks. Maleonn often seems to put a point of honor to put in scene the protagonists of its photographs.

One sees there sometimes a criticism of the consumer society: the development for him was prejudicial with the spirituality of the old Chinese culture: the loss of hope, the collapse of the values... Thus, the new face of Shanghai makes it nostalgic, the artist deeply liking his city which raised it like a mother. It compares its city with a drunk woman singing every night. Shanghai lost its heart.

© MaleonnMaleonn likes has to describe its work as an oniric work built like a poem. "of the fragments of things without any logic". Even if the spectator always does not seize the significance or the coherence of certain stereotypes, which is essential with the artist it is that one feels the emotion which emerges there. Its lugubrious universes are not randomly selected: the unused districts of Shanghai and the old Chinese industrial parks denounce in turn the dehumanization of the characters who appear in it and the weight of the company on nature. And even the animals of its last series "journey to the west" are dressed up and represented within an improbable framework.

Finally for Maleonn the life is as a theatre, scenes of lives, stories and roots.

An original artist to discover.

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