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Lionel Bayol Thémines - Bodylarsen

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Does Lionel Bayol Thémines apply a formula learnt from biochemistry to produce his works?

Well perhaps yes, Lionel started by studying biochemistry in the south of France. It was at the heart of a photography club that his passion grew 18 years ago. Since Lionel’s personal voyage of philosophical discovery has caused him to create photographic works with real purpose.

Lionel Bayol ThéminesHe is a mutant of creation, one side of him is a photographer and artist, and in it, he challenges himself constantly. His photographic work and video work are really messages that push us to question our own vision on society.

The themes that he explores are numerous, they are like forms of research that Lionel uses to enlarge his personal horizons. Titans Land, and the 4 series that are Identity, Intimity, Titan’s Eyes and Press, are a way to turn our vision towards our own identity like also the possibility of revealing Lionel Bayol Théminessomething new to us, or to change our views. The use of the catcheur mask from Mexican culture, finds here a new resonance in its utilization.  Man and woman are transformed, for Lionel this reflexion comes from anthropology and as you will see in our film about him this is used to create society in another form.

Lionel also takes us into his works, wLionel Bayol Thémineshich are not focused on subjects always covered in the mainstream of the world of photography, like his work covering elderly people who are in some ways transformed by the mask of ageing.

Identity is the point of convergence of the works of this artist, like for example another theme that he covered recently, Orga Mura forces us to focus on the issue of genetics and its potential impact on the future of man-kind.

Lionel Bayol Thémines is a very active artist, with numerous exhibitions and displays of his work throughout the world and we invite you to watch and listen to uncover the messages captured within them.

Portfolio by Lionel Bayol Thémines


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