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Jean-Claude Sauer

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For the last 40 years, as an official photographer for Paris Match, Jean-Claude Sauer lived with his camera in hand, covering the wars of Vietnam, Algeria, Biafra, etc. Jean-Claude Sauer  has met many exceptional personalities like Arafat, De Gaulle, Hemingway, Bardot, Nixon or King Juan Carlos.

Here, we are unable to present you with the grand photographic career of Jean-Claude Sauer for Paris Match. The very full life and career of Jean-Claude Sauer will be the subject of a portrait in the months to come. Here we prefer to show you "a snap shot" of his work and some of the key elements of what he covered.

© Jean-Claude SauerFirst of all let us return to Paris Match. The formula of Paris Match is modeled after the American magazine Life; a news magazine with in-depth reporting and exclusive photographs. It is thus a faithful team of photographers that Paris Match sends around the globe to meet the newsworthy and to report on major news events. Like Life, Paris Match opens all the doors and the subjects covered in the magazine often will prove exceptional. The image of Paris Match is of a high standard and the VIPs of the world see it as a quality press support.

© Jean-Claude SauerJean Claude Sauer does well to uphold the motto of his magazine, `the weight of the words, the shock of the photos'. Jean Claude Sauer remembers how he lived through the tragic events, the meetings with the biggest names and all with his unquestionably ironic tone. No, it is not in the past. All of this you can re-live now, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, sometimes moving.

For Jean Claude Sauer, his photographic career started with a small push of growth and especially the opportunity of covering his first subject. Jean-Claude Sauer, deep down inside is a fighter, a hunter of images in the strongest sense of the word. What marked us was the human dimension of these meetings that this man has etched forever in his memory whether it was for the reason or the event behind the meetings.

This is photography. This is the life of Jean Claude Sauer.

© Jean-Claude Sauer
Portfolio by Jean-Claude Sauer


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