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François Xavier Prévot - Poet Walking

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Life is short and the world is large” François-Xavier Prévot tells us.
Traveller and poet of the image, this photographer left everything behind at the age of 41 to follow the desires of his heart, which came to him during a walk in the great Sahara. Appearing to himself, he decided no longer to dream of his existence but to live it.

A trip to Tibet finally convinced him and opened a new field of possibilities: photography. A link between the world and his excuses to meet people, it gives him the possibility to bring back pieces of the beauty of the world. © François Xavier PrévotFrom Algeria to Crete, from Japan to Mali, this untiring traveller restores fragments of light born on the planet. Coming from the end of the world or from his native land, French Provence, his testimony is a language dedicated to the fragility and the simplicity of the beings and nature. Here and elsewhere, the joy is easy to reach. You just need to catch the smiles that wander.

© François Xavier PrévotThis course, François-Xavier Prévot does walking. Breaking the mad rush of the world, the cost-effectiveness and immediacy, he decided to continue his travels at the rhythm of his footsteps. It is only at this cadence that he can give full importance to the meetings and the learning of the others.

Readily quoting the great Asian thinkers such as Buddha Gotama or Lao Tseu as much as the Westerners like Saint-Exupéry, François-Xavier Prévot makes use of writing to give additional dimension to his pictures. Thus all his series are accompanied by a text, inspired by the moment. "To return from the Desert, Cleaned. And there, having learned the experience of subtraction and coming back again". For the Himalaya in 2005, "Perfumed cedar wood, the smells of fish passed, present and future, rancid taste of Argan oil, I love you, Essaouira-Mogador…" dedicated to the white city of Morocco, the following year…

In writing, the photographer again finds his youthful passions, since he had been writing novels and poetry over 14 years ago. He restored a consistency to his life and continues with the maturity of a man on the path to wisdom.

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© François Xavier Prévot               © François Xavier Prévot 
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