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François Xavier Prévot - A postcard from Japan


We have not been in contact with Photographer François Xavier Prévot for a quite a while!
So he took advantage of the opportunity of a voyage around the world and he send us by return more than just a postcard of Japan.

© François Xavier Prévot

Click here to discover the fascinating interview which we have realized with him in Marseille in the South of France.

Since then this walker photographer has taken advantage of his time to escape and, as usual, he took his bag, his shoes and left in search of the images which bring him to life.

Mauritanian deserts, Spain, and Japan....

Like all his journeys, Photographer François Xavier Prévot prepared this one for a long time and when we discover the photographic series which he shot, we understand to what point this country can fascinate.

This journey in the country of the Rising sun, that he also took advantage of it to get married to, with the young and beautiful Japanese youth, both in kimonos, in Tokyo shintoïste temples :

Modernity and tradition are two elements which we find in this work. We have a sober photographic approach, a testimony of his strolls, his meetings, his coups de coeurs.

A style emerges which is strange, everything is clean, which contrasts with the other African trips where the dust and the wind seizes the objective.
It is as a huge portrait around thematic in the suggestive names: Ryokan, the House of the Journey, The Last Master of Inkwells, By the Door of Miyajima, One evening in Tokyo, Lost in Japan...

Artisan, high technology, typical clothes, youth, everything composes a set that we wanted to share it with you.

© François Xavier Prévot © François Xavier Prévot

Journey with François Xavier in the Desert!

You are fascinated by photography, by walking, by journeys in the great outdoors?

You always dreamed of undertaking a Journey and writing your diary and you do not know where to begin? François-Xavier proposes you a collection of photos in full Tunisian Desert, in the heart of the Big Oriental Erg.

For what reasons did you choose the Tunisian Desert, more than another desert?

© François Xavier PrévotTunisian Sahara, as I often call it in my own way, the " Democratic Desert ", more open for initiations Saharan (and photographic) than other parts of the Sahara, where I visited many times: the Algerian Sahara, Sahara Mali, Mauritanian Sahara, etc...
Although less diverse than those parts of the Sahara was the Tunisian Sahara's still very beautiful: a first desert "in the Grand Erg Oriental is an experience not only unique, but an experience can mark you for the rest of your life...

Believe me the world of the desert changed my life. It is through the same desert that I first "filtered" and as it was revealed to me, this desert was the Tunisian Desert!
The magic of the Tunisian south, in the Grand Erg Oriental, this succession of dunes an infinity, serious in your heart of countless wonders that mark you forever!
The magic of the Tunisian south, is to marry the blue intense encounters with rocks dotted with rare plants, is Taming the Wind, which it does, it seems to be 'dancing with our hair.
Taming the sand, which waits impatiently for our bare feet. It's not leaving footprint after footprint, and the silence invades us completely. We pose the question how we can relive in a world surrounded by all the noise of the world.

It is unlike other parts of the Sahara that I know well, I have gone myself 8 times to(Algeria, Mali, Mauritania, Morocco ...), the Tunisian desert is 100% secure!

10 to 12 days is not too tiring? fitness is essential to do it though!

The trip is a total of 10 days, with 7 days of walking. It is designed simply for everyone, not only for walkers and athletes!
All healthy people can join me! We walk about 5 hours a day for one week, ie approximately 3 hours in the morning and 2 hours walking in the afternoon (with a good nap after lunch in the shade of acacias ). All those with me, even those who do virtually nothing the rest of the year, is the surprise that they have walked for hours without even realizing it!

© François Xavier PrévotAlso to have the Sahara to yourself for a whole week, things are happening it is Magic! It is surprising all the time to go, naturally and slowly, beyond what we thought was our limit!
It is a total immersion Saharan Africa, is the title of this trip, and it is for everyone, a true Renaissance happens step by step!

What is a typical day?

The simplest and most wonderful in the world, to the ryhtmn of Nature! We get up early,with the sunrise, around 6:30 in the morning, and we also go to bed early, around 9 o'clock in the evening because the sun is already set by about 18 hours.
The morning after is unforgettable night under the Milky Way sky. A Saharan breakfast bread made with the help of sand (bread cooked in the embers of the sand), cheese, jam of figs, dates, coffee or tea.
leaving in the morning walking in the infinity of the Sahara, once harnessed camels that carry our big bags and hiking equipment (tents, kitchen utensils, etc. ...).
Break around noon, lunch is a salad of raw vegetables, mint tea and after a healthy nap in the shade of the acacia trees. We start walking again for about two hours in the afternoon, then we prepare the evening camp (bedouin tents), h-16 to 17 hours.
Throughout the day, advice for photographing, writing and formatting our notes, our sketches, to make our travel book, for those who want to bring one.
Before nightfall, we all pick up some dry wood for the watch fire, which will cook our meals in the middle of the Desert: Chorba (Tunisian spicy soup), meat and vegetables, as a prelude to our future freinds the stars (or under the tent, your choice), in a "hotel" of 100,000 stars!
Vigil around the fire with the participants and our guides tunisien, songs, dance, stories of our day, our readings of texts for those who want. Visualization and constructive advice to improve all our pictures taken in the day.

Who is this kind of tour for?

© François Xavier PrévotThis is a hikers for all ages :
- all photo enthusiasts at large: beginners to experts, committees, clubs, groups of friends, families, and even children! And to all those who want to master all the technical potential of their cameras, and their eyes, to show their talents, and they are certain to come home with some unforgettable photos, thanks to simple and practical advice on the ground,
- all those who intend to carry out a travel diary, or to start an ongoing travel diary
- all those who love walking and the outdoors: 3 to 5 hours walking per day in the desert, up to 3 hours walking in the mountains. - all those who love the great outdoors and Silence...

For complete information of this beautiful hike the workshops and not at all like the others on the blog of Francis Xavier Prévot :

All photos of Tunisian Sahara (Sahara and Algeria, Mauritania, Mali and Morocco) on its website pictures of travel :

Portfolio by François Xavier Prévot


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