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Dolorès Marat - A Place In Time

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Dolorès Marat (France)

How can we write about a photographer who has changed in certain ways the way we look at urban scenes, at colors and on melancholy?
It is a difficult thing to describe how Dolorès Marat found a path into the world of images. Because she started her experience of photography shooting pictures in a big black and white studio in Paris, falling in love with the color pictures processed using the Fresson(1) development method. Thanks to her wish to shoot in this style, and above all with a real focus on producing pictures of the highest quality possible, she decided to leave the obscurity of the studio and focus on the obscurity of cities.

© Dolorès MaratMore than 20 years after this decision, Dolorès Marat, always in action, surprises the European public as much as that of America.
She has also photographed non-stop with her Leica, insisting on its use, the resulting shoots are not trying to be nostalgic, but are just part of her unique fashion of capturing color. Marat, could be described as an ‘acrobat’ of light, her photographs in the underground, in the streets at night, at dusk, in a cinema, or even in a lift.

Her camera is a silent witness to her walks in Paris, New York or in Corsica, focusing without rest on the changing world.
Dolorès Marat discovers the lives and inhabitants in towns all around her lens, using rapid gestures and working by instinct.

This helps describe why the people in the pictures of Dolorès Marat, appear sometimes like moving ghosts, always a bit blurred and often alone.

For Dolorès Marat there is never the right moment to take a picture, as she is already to raise her camera for a shot.
Even during our meeting in her Paris apartment, Dolorés Marat was busy photographing.
If one day I did not photograph anymore, I think I would go mad, she confided in us.

© Dolorès MaratIn front of her camera, Dolorès Marat is actually a bit shy, but obviously passionate for her art, she showed us her pictures and revealed a treasure trove of negatives, that she looks at for hours with her magnifying glass, before selecting those that, should be developed using the Fresson process.

If we could uncover the mystery of her photographs, we would loose the mystery of the instant magic of those always in color Marat pictures.
We will let you to discover the world of this photographer, in your own time, but leave you with this highlight sentence from the book the History of French photography, Rives, editor Marval

Dolorès Marat is to French photography, what Edith Piaf to French song...


(1) Shots developed in grey or black and white or in color, used by a whole dynasty of French photographers. The results produce a velvety and very subtle result.


Portfolio by Dolorès Marat


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