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Dmitry Peretrutov

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Photographer, Dmitry Peretrutov lives in Kiev and that is where we met him.
Take a journey with a person with a passion for photography. 

Dmitry Peretrutov is Ukrainian.  The passion of photography has given him, in a very few years, a future as one of the stars of his country and has raised him up among the biggest.

© Dmitry PeretrutovA successful commercial photographer, he aligns collaborations with major international brands like Toyota, Samsung as well as Ukrainian brands plus numerous German, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian, and international magazines.

© Dmitry PeretrutovDmitry Peretrutov is a simple man. His only objective is to realize beautiful images that have a good creative sense and that also make sense. He also likes creating universes, taking an extreme care in the scenography.

Dmitry Peretrutov gets some inspiration from his culture, his passion for the image and multiple experiences that highlight his path.

Shy, Dmitry Peretrutov does not try to dazzle but more to be perfect as a photographer and to be true in his work. We met him repeatedly and we noticed that Dmitry Peretrutov leaves nothing to chance concerning styling in the composition.

A nice discovery.

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© Dmitry Peretrutov

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