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Diane Katsiaficas

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Diane Katsiaficas (Texas, 1947)

Diane Katsiaficas is an American artist who uses different techniques and media to produce her works. She experiments with photography, video images, drawing and also painting.  She also considers herself to watch the behavior and actions of her subjects, as a photographer would.
The photographs of Katsiaficas capture faraway countries and their people, and she does this with and a desire to tell their stories personally. Like the stories behind her pictures of Indian women, and men from Thailand, these almost become our own personal stories.

© Diane KatsiaficasIn here chosen exhibition area, a 15th century market place, which is in the centre of the town of Thessaloniki in Greece. She explained how she has become so drawn to the traditions she has found in every town and village that she had visited: Probably, because I live in the United States, where every person seems to have their own individual culture.
She has visited Australia, India, Turkey, Russia and the Balkans, always with the same brushes, cameras and her notebooks: These are my companions, she explains.
After her voyages, at home, Katsiaficas retraces the steps of her voyages and creates an unreal metaphysical world with age of digital imagery.

For the exhibition, A traveler’s Readings, she re-worked her images on a computer to create new pictures which border between reality and the imaginary, like some sort of puzzle. Katsiaficas, insists that there are common points between the cultures and the parts she adds and develops in the images.

© Diane KatsiaficasThe work of Katsiaficas is almost an anthropologic study of our ever-changing cultures.
We can see that art gives Katsiaficas a certain liberty, to observe human diversity in all its states: a marriage, a religious ceremony, a baptism etc….
At each opportunity, she chooses to present her pictures in the most original style possible.
For her last exhibition, the photographs were placed in transparent, illuminated frames. As well as this, each picture was accompanied by a text written by Katsiaficas, which gave her impressions and memories of the shooting of the photo.
She tells us constant anecdotes concerning her images and she explains her desire to incorporate in her works, minority groups from the entire world.

Diane Katsiaficas, when she is not taking notes with her camera, lectures at the Minneapolis University of Art and Design in Minnesota. For her work and artistic research, she has received many awards:
Fulbright Scholar Award, McKnight Research Award, 1996 – 1999, Humanities Institute Fellowship, University of Minnesota, 2002,  Red Motley Teaching Award Nomination, 2000 , McKnight Foundation Interdisciplinary Artist Fellowship, 1999.

Her Exhibitions include :
- "Visualizing the Instincts of Migration": American Center, Alexandria, Egypt, 2001.
- "Migrations": Diana Gallery, Athens, Greece 2002.
- "Hair Stories": MAEP Gallery, Minneapolis Institute of Art, Minneapolis, Minnesota, 2000.
- "An Allegory of Olives": Terracotta Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece, January 2004 - February 2004.
- "Migrations": Holter Museum of Art, Helena, Montana, January 2005 - April 2005.


Portfolio by Diane Katsiaficas


0 # D'un grand intérêt...
Broise 2008-04-11 12:59
Voilà comment j'ai ressenti ce petit film sur cette femme du Texas. L'intelligence de cette artiste, la conscience qu'elle a de sa propre démarche me séduisent. Je n'aime pas forcément tout ce qu'elle fait, mais cela fait du bien de voir que l'on peut au delà des pays, de la langue aimer chercher à comprendre cet autre.

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