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David Jiménez

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David Jiménez (Born 1970 in Spain).

After studying at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid, David Jiménez pursued his artistic studies into the world of photography, using as his influences the likes of Duane Michals, Antoins D’Agata, Eikoh Hosoe, Jan Saudek and Bernard Plossu.  His approach to this artform rapidly developed, allowing him to win in 1999 the first prize for young talent at the Spanish photographic festival.

David JiménezHe started to shoot a series of pictures in black and white, with as their subject details of everyday objects, including buildings and people.
The quasi-minimalist style of his shots which is inspired by the esthetics of Ralph Gibson, and uses compressed frames to realize unfamiliar shapes for everyday objects, as well as male and female bodies.
During this period, he did not stop his visual and artistic research. In this sense, he looked for a clean style, systematically using vertical framing and very strong contrasts. The results are quite unexpected, because Jiménez provokes the spectacular, by searching for detail and its causes: by crossing through a door or window, within the look of a person, or even within the construction of a wall.

The subjects of Jiménez are not easily recognizable. His photographs produce a strong feeling of sensuality, movement and fluidity. Consequently, there are instances where Jimenez creates a strong sense of proximity, complicity and even a sense of promiscuity.

Where the majority of professional photographers and lovers of photography, don’t see imperfect shots, the loose effects and imperfections, of his pictures come into their own and the viewer has the impression that they have participated in the shoot.
Naturally this element led to an exceptional publication without text entitled Infinito,(IG Fotoeditor 2000).
David JiménezIn this work, the 120 photographs of Jimenez create a unique story and an esthetic dialogue.  The pictures, which are presented in their pure state, without too many graphics, without explications, no text, no words, and they thus provoke a strong sense of nostalgia.
In the world of today, where digital technology allows us to produce bigger and bigger pictures, the photographs of this Spaniard are in a medium sized format and in black and white, like those that were produced in the 1960’s and 70’s.

Jimenez looks at those things that surround him, and is able to find their soul. Always attentive to the changing elements of life, he attempts to encircle them using as cover his viewfinder.
For his exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Thessaloniki, Greece, he presented his personal diary in color, which was somewhat at odds with his black and white photographs.

Jimenez explained to us: I find this place magnificent and I wanted to create more of an installation than an exhibition. That is why I decided to present part of my work in small sized Polaroids (9x7,5cm).

These Polaroids are a rough sketch of his thoughts…outside of any context of time. These photographs from different moments in color or black and white are placed in the exhibition like words or letters.

David JiménezJimenez has also created a sort of visual poem, with his principal protagonist, light, which explains the title of Signs of Light.
According to him: It is evident that light gives life to the smallest of details and a photographer such as myself is obliged to follow it to find its secrets.

During our interview, Jimenez spoke to us about the difficulties of being a photographic artist, whilst also trying to make a living as a advertising photographer.
It is with this problem in mind that he decided to focus his time on the publication and promotion of his photographic series.

Almost laconic during our meeting, he adores talking about the pictures that he will shoot in the future. For the moment, he just sees them as « dreams ». We hope that when we next meet Jimenez at one of the European photographic festivals or elsewhere, we see where his «dreams» have led him….


"Infinito", IG Fotoeditor 2000, 120 b/w photos.
"Estos y otros lugares", Mestizo editors 1999, 12 colour photos.
"Semana Santa", 114 b/w photos, Caja San Fernando (Sevilla).

Portfolio by David Jiménez


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