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Carlos Batts

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By all accounts, Carlos Batts is a great artist.  Even those who don't like what he does recognize his creative genius. Carlos wears many hats; he is a sculptor, a fashion and erotic photographer, a painter, a director of music videos and experimental films.

Originally from Baltimore, Carlos Batts has not only found his home in Los Angeles but he has also opened the doors to different worlds of creation where inventiveness such as his is required. Inspired by Gothic aesthetics, he is fascinated by morbid topics, tinged with darkness and diabolical references. But what makes his work highly original, is that he adds a hefty dose of positive energy, California sun and his own revolutionary aesthetic.

© Carlos BattsCarlos Batts has already created three books. WILD SKIN (2001), his first collection of photos, shows a wild and renewed sense of erotism thanks to the inclusion of real models with real curves that defy stereotypical ideas of 'sexy'. The garish colors and the highly worked lights reserve surprising impressions for the eye.

Crazy Sexy Hollywood (2003) continues his search from the previous work and displays his Gothic influences. Using the marriage of California and death, Carlos presents us with contradictions both disturbing and fascinating.

© Carlos BattsAmerican Gothic (2005) goes even further and settles into purely artistic investigations.  Genius and insanity meet head-on. Brushing through this work of art as an updated portrait of rural America, Carlos creates a contemporary and subjective re-interpretation of the famous portrait of Grant Wood. During those 128 pages of experimental photography and mixed-media, Batts tortures the negative to create a hybrid vision of frenzy, expressionism, horror and beauty.  For this work, Carlos Batts also created a movie in 2006.

The artist is also the creator of two other films: Voluptuous Life (2007), where he documents the decadent life of starlet April Flores, and Young Hollywood which was released the same year is a Kaleidoscope of the amusement of the Hollywood youth. Focused determinedly on sexuality, Carlos Batts features various actresses from the world of underground X in their everyday lives. Recently released is Kiss Attack, the first erotic animated movie inspired by the aesthetics of comic books.

Carlos Batts is also a painter and a sculptor overflowing in inventiveness as you will see in the reportage that we have dedicated to him.

© Carlos Batts
Portfolio by Carlos Batts


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