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Bruno Suet - The Time of Tea (part 2)

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Bruno Suet is a photographer who goes off the beaten path.
He would have been able to continue to work in the world of advertising where he had worked and lived well, but his passion for a certain type of photography overtook him while he continued to collaborate for numerous international magazines on the art of living and design.

© Bruno SuetBruno Suet has published numerous books at the international level with titles sometimes as surprising as, Au pays des Mirmidons or evoking the journey as An itinerant studio in India ... He is well known for his photographs of gardens. With photos that inspire well-being and plenitude, Bruno has made several books about the creations of the biggest gardeners. Moreover when you pay a visit to him at his home, it is this same atmosphere that reigns. Peace and serenity with no stress. Bruno Suet is Prize-winner of the Villa Médicis hors les murs, which gave him the occasion to travel all over the world and to have others discover his photographic creations.

© Bruno SuetWhen we met with Bruno to prepare our subject, we decided to steer the topic Fine Art Tv to a strong theme about this journey which during 6 years saw him travel the world of tea as an initiatory journey within multiple and varied cultures. His photographic work is not only documentary, it gives sensations, it makes us escape.
You will say 'but what does "The Time of Tea" hold as an interest for us, the reader?' And indeed I asked myself the question, and my answer for you is this: that it is a moment of simplicity for some, a ceremony for others, a moment of appeasement or pleasure to taste, to try in the company of others this warm beverage.

For Bruno, "The Time of Tea" was an opportunity both to make this photographic work as well as also to work with Dominique T. Pasqualini who wrote an amazing text on the tea and to publish this book with the publisher Marval.

This book has became a collectors item, as the first edition is extremely rare and hard to find. So you must contact Bruno directly to purchase it at it's rare piece.

As Master Tseng, the great master of tea making, would say... "Take the time to discover in your way this time of tea."

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© Bruno Suet

Portfolio by Bruno Suet


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