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Anton Solomoukha - Little Red Riding Hood Visits The Louvre

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One is put off balance by his character, surprised by his creations. When we listen to him speak we understand and suddenly we fall under his charm! Let us share the discussion with Anton Solomoukha in his workshop.

Anton left the soil of his native Ukraine to settle in France, back when the concept was more of Western Europe, before the fall of the wall.

© Anton SolomoukhaAnton Solomoukha was born in Kiev, then the capital of the socialist Republic of Ukraine. He has been lucky enough not to have to follow tradition which would have made him an engineer. His formation is centered around the arts after having shown an aptitude for painting at very early age. During his interview, reflecting on the years spent in his country, Anton has reconsidered the difficult life which pushed him to leave the Ukraine and he explained to us that finally he was lucky to have this background, this upbringing and intellectual richness from which he could benefit.

Painter, photographer, director of the image, the creative life of Anton Solomoukha is intense. The man is in perpetual inner conflict both caused by himself as well as by others.

© Anton SolomoukhaIt is through the influence of a friend, Ilona Orel, that Anton is pointed towards photography. In several of his works one can appreciate a sort of reportage, a road map to humor and the air of a certain sensuality. Change is taking place, the painter becoming, transforming into photographer.

The common denominator starts to appear. It is irony, satire, the astonishing capacity to create settings in a scene shifted. All is intermingled. One feels that Anton has a large creative appetite. One is in submerged in contemporary art, and the long list of participants and great planetary events contribute to help Anton refine his creativity, to absorb multiple cultures.

As you will see in the portfolio, and more clearly in the film dedicated to him, Anton is complex.

As art critic Robert Albouker wrote :
"Little Red Riding Hood visits the Louvre" is a project which imagines, not without ambiguity and irony, the synthesis of three elements considered irreconcilable :
© Anton Solomoukha- Little Red Riding Hood.
- The masterpieces of the Louvre.
- Estheticism of contemporary photography, requirement and the splendour of its art to contract passions in an image which crystallizes time until making it reversible.

An astonishing set of themes around this Little Red Riding Hood who is introduced into the Louvre, he reinvents them in his own way. His Little Red Riding Hood takes the shape of a beautiful young woman, but it is Anton who hides in the shadows. It is a time of creative maturity. Alchemy operated, the multiple man does not make more than one, Anton appears and composes the photographic canvas from his inspired imagination.

So now, with Anton, let's take a walk through his woods...

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