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Andreas Mahl - A Polaroid Vision

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Andreas Mahl is a surprising and enigmatic man. Just when you start to understand him, he diverts you from your thoughts and loses you again.
A man of experience, he cannot and does not want to be affiliated with only one period of his life. Consistency is an unbearable idea. And yet sensitivity, magic, and the transformation of reality by all means seem well to be the ingredients of the package.

© Andreas MahlAndreas is German. He was born in 1945, in Aalen. When he was small, he wanted to be an actor but his parents had intended for a more traditional career. Having found a happy medium, he was registered at the school of the Art in Stuttgart.
But one night it happened as he photographed his close friends naked by the school swimming pool. He then started a bohemian life style split between frequenting the theatres and training in a fashion studio and ad agency in Stuttgart and then in Essen with Otto Steiner. Parallel with this, he got closer to entertainment and he took a role in the musical Hair. A few years later, he embarked with the troop of My Fair Lady.

© Andreas MahlAfter the musicals, Andreas decided to leave Germany. He went to London where he met Jacques-Henri Lartigue and his wife. According to his friends, he visited Paris many times and looked further into his relation with Lartigue. He then started to work for the Sipa photo agency and at the same time he developed his personal search.

Photographs, both color and black and white, Polaroid SX70, The Pere Lachaise Cemetary, theater posters, postcards, stylized photographs, cut out and superimposed, Polaroid 50x60, still life, nudes, twins, walls of the island of Symi…

After many years of physicochemical experiments, today with the help of a computer he deforms reality and loses the spectator in the meanderings of his sensitivity.

© Andreas Mahl
Portfolio by Andreas Mahl


0 # Is it Polaroid or is it Photoshop?
imakevideos 2008-03-16 19:09
It's amazing the level of deformation and detail involved in the Polaroid photographs. I guess now that the digital world has left Polaroid as a relic...these photographs of Andreas Mahl are not only more valuable but are also even more unique...

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