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Zara Samiry - In the white city

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© Zara SamiryZara Samiry is a young artist photographer who transports us in his universe, a Casablanca far from the tourist spangles where humility, realism and the force of living are the day to day of the people.

Here a very young woman who with her camera and a will going further opens the eyes to us by offering a web photo documentary to us on Casablance and her white city.

With `In the white city', Zara does not catch only one moment, she transports us in a real world sometimes tinted hardness, of pragmatism, sadness or of joy but in all the cases of a pugnacity of the protagonists to continue and not complained on their own fate.

With this work, Zara approaches photography with a certain talent, a soft eye and not a will of voyeurism, a direct testimony to understand and not in shock photo.

She's described as somebody who likes to listen to the others and this work is looked at, listens oneself quite simply.

She dreamed to be a war photographer, she does better, she became Web photo journalist.

Audacity, innovation and an artistic direction, a beautiful discovery.

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© Zara Samiry
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