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Ricardo Alevizos

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Violent and explosive of colors, Ricardo Alevizos's photos are so many allegories as there are facets for the same character. His message: Don't give up !

© Ricardo AlevizosRicardo Alevizos is an atypical springboard, he was a photographer. Taken by his grandfather on the road of the image, he learnt with him " to see the world and the feelings through the lens ". He then studied the Fine art in Lisbon, the capital of his country, where he always lives. At the age of 18, he works in the world of the fashion and follows with his camera the models in the changing rooms of the parades. He is fascinated by " the transformation, by the passage of the individual to the character " and decides then to investigate the behavior, the soul and the bodies of the human being.

Today, at the age of 38, Ricardo is a Entertainment Project manager Portuguese based production company. But it is not for it that he dropped photography nor his researches on the individual.

© Ricardo AlevizosNaturally, by following his search, Ricardo met himself in front of the most classical genre : the portrait. And if his photos give the impression of a free decorative aestheticism, he does not go that way. His colors and stage settings are closer to the expressionism than to the ornament. " I like to try to get the most intimate thoughts of each of my subjects ". And it is this part of mystery that Ricardo broadcasts by the diverse subtleties in which he has appeal. " I like to use symbols instead of reality, for exemple, the picture with female lips on the eyes of a male actor, represents a life of bigamy.". The truths which he translates in his work have all the same in common to be not very acceptable and to be reduced thus to the secret.

But it is not the marginality which interests him, Ricardo is more interested in the silences that we are imperative to ousrelves. He emits the theory that the individual is his own reviewer and that it is finally the opinion that each have of himself which fixes the limits of what the society can admit or not. " The characters who scream in silence or are are blocked in the expression of their shout represents the fake persons of our society, they like to suffer in silence, they like to use the mask, they don't want to be judged by others. They become submissive persons." Because the non-expression of themself and the secret are translated according to him in suffering. It is for it that his work is violent and explosive.

But Ricardo is not a sad peronnage, his artistic work is hopeful. To the persons whom he find hopeless and whom he represents with parts of visible skeleton, he says " do not abandon ". The humor also holds a big place in his images. And to underline the ambiguity of what the human being is and what he hides, he calls his series Insomonia in memories of the long nights which his unconscious has maybe numerous times stolen.

© Ricardo Alevizos

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0 # Great work
dgoncalves 2008-11-07 14:12
Dear Ricardo,
Congratulations on your great work. Great emotions passing through your photos.
keep up the good work and innovation!
0 # congratulations
CSal 2009-03-15 02:14
great work
Great person

0 # Amazing
João 2016-08-13 10:15
Espetacular work. Can't wait for more.

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