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Marina Filipovic

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Evolving slowly in the heart of the woods, the female spirits fill the places in which they live with the magic of their beauty. Approaching with tenderness, Marina Filipovic surprises us and reveals their image.

Head delicately resting on her knees, sitting on a branch fallen to the water's edge, she seems sleepy, rocked by the imperceptible rhythm of leaves in the wind and choppy water. It is fullness, in perfect harmony with the elements. A ray of light filters through the foliage and settles on the nape of her neck. Unique and fragile, she offers herself to us, the moment of a gaze.
© Marina Filipovic"My muses and goddesses are friends and acquaintances. I didn't pick them out of any story. They were the result of inspiration, a lot of being outdoors, walking in the park and listening to music."

If Marina Filipovic was English, she would certainly be inspired by Pre-Raphaelite painters whose purpose was, in the middle of the 19th century, to restore life to art by a return to nature. But this 22-year-old Croatian photographer draws her images from only her imagination: "When I get an idea I quickly write it down and then get a model embody my goddess. My intuition plays a big part so I never plan my sessions all the way through."
She has an instinctive side which answers to her faith in magic: "I believe in magic, I believe in fairies, and that some forms of life are still invisible to the human eye."

And it is in this magical world that she loves to transport those who look at her images. She has the will to awaken their buried sense of belonging to a world sensitive and beautiful where the truth can be felt. The emotion has to take back what is due. It is only in the midst of contemplation that the magical images can be revealed and perceived.

© Marina FilipovicFor that purpose, Marina Filipovic proposes a journey into the heart of nature. A simple journey based on the observation of the original beauty of everything. "It seems to me that people today are fed up with a lot of things and that there is too much negativity in the air. If we only looked around we would find so many beautiful things. People have forgotten the simple, yet beautiful."

Marina Filipovic chooses settings close to her. A habitant of Osijek, a town situated on the edges of the Drave on the east of Croatia, she has not to be embarrassed by the choice for her shots. She also works in the hearts of cities, in the Maksimir park of Zagreb, for example.

Her models are a part of her intimate universe. They are friends, whom she regards deeply in a true light. "My models often say that they've never seen themselves in that particular way yet - they see their true selves."
It is because she is a thoughtful and meticulous observer that Marina Filipovoc can seize the truth in what surrounds her.
She has exercised it since she was a child. "When I was old enough to hold a camera I took photos of cats, flowers, basically anything I could find in the garden."

She continued and today she is a semi-pro photographer. Recently, one of her images made the cover of the magazine Photo and today you can find her on Fine Art Tv !

Anaïs Marquet

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0 # Bravo Marina
MarkoBeslac 2008-04-26 20:22
............samo tako dalje......
0 # Evocative...
ranart56 2009-03-28 04:26
Beautiful and delicate imagery. Wonderful use of painting with a camera.

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