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DJ Lady Kate

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DJ Lady KateFine Art Tv goes through the world, finally especially, its teams, to make you discover talents of any origins of creation. It is in Kiev in Ukraine, that we met a delightful young woman, DJ of her state.

In residence at Arena, most renowned night club of Kiev, DJ Lady Kate accomplishes her dream. Several times in a week, she mixes sounds and takes possession of the dance floor.

Arena is for her an important place, on one hand because the place to practice, she can try her new sounds and mix, and also because she is next to numbers of big stars well known as Fifty Cents or David Guetta.

She realizes especially her dream, because to reach so young a residence as this one is for her a real help of the fate. Then DJ Lady Kate spread day after day, and when she returns at her home, she mixes more personal fragments.

Let us leave together to her discovery and share its passion with her.

DJ Lady Kate
DJ Lady Kate


-1 # Interesting and nicely made little movie
dazcox 2008-07-02 17:06
It nice to see that ambition and creativity are everywhere across the world.

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