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Camille Brossard - Go life to the void

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© Camille Brossard

Camille Brossard is a young photographer with a poetic regard. Living in the spaces of her models, she tells us stories

to be imagined. Follow with us the soft glance of this artist on the rise!

In the middle of this sad living room, she dances. Bathed in a diaphanous light, she envelopes colored space and monopolizes movement

. She turns and turns, filling the abandoned room with her presence. For on this banal day, she is adorned with a string of pearls, a skirt and shoes. It is her way of paying tribute to everyday life.

Further on, four pairs

of legs are gently aligned. They wear light white skirts. Up there, away from the image of course, they talk and laugh. But the secrecy of their recreation will not be revealed to us. We are shown only their feet and a remote space, too large.

Camille Brossard tells us stories. She denies the meaning of the context unveiled by the series. She c

uts out short periods of the imaginary in a very worked reality: « My models really pose for me. I “use them more” as plastic mannequins which I position and with which I impose an attitude, a place, almost a personality. » In the beginning there is the character, feminine, young and slender, « but I have as a project to open more, with the male model in particular ».

© Camille Brossard

First there is the decoration: « The deserted, abandoned and filthy places are for me a blessing. I like to penetrate with a touch of unlikely sweetness. I believe that the “improbable” is that which is most appropriate to describe what inspires me ». And then there is the alchemy of the photo shoot: « I ask my models to incarnate a precise idea, to fill the empty vacuum of details. I ask them to understand that they cannot hide behind anything, and that the photograph will be, in spite of my precise request, the result of their attitude ».

Camille Brossard does not make portraits. She gives faces to places. She reveals the story which is woven in a vacuum. The creative act subtly fills and renews. But the gap is nothing. She proposes in itself a presence. The rest is to live. Soon, she will focus on the discovery of excess, surplus, luxury. She will confront herself with an opposite movement. « I think that it was necessary for me to be more confident in my work for the full challenge. The vacuum is always beautiful, no matter what you do. The fullness is presented in the form of the challenge ».

And one can be sure that Camille Brossard will rise to it. At 23 years old, she has only taken her first steps in photography barely three years ago. She thought that at that time she was only making “photographic memories”. She discovered, at the same time, the world of blogs and she created one for herself. The need for illustration has pushed growth towards photography. She then developed her creative talent and her desire to create her own style.

It is while surfing the Net that she finds her sources of inspiration. Among the best known are Denis Rouvre « whose portraits are very clean with a startling clarity », Jessica Bruah and her dreamlike, Doisneau « obviously ». But the photographers who inspire her the most are the amateurs that she meets on the community sites: « Alice Lemarin and Lila Testemalle are for me a freshness and creativity that awaken my imagination! ».

Still in the making, this young photographer follows a poetic and sensual path which should come to fruition in the upcoming years. So we'll keep an eye on her.

Portfolio by Camille Brossard


0 # bravo
imag5 2008-05-07 07:12
félicitation d'être selectionner , je t'avais déjà remarqué sur fotocommunity me semble-t-il ,continue ta série c'est trés sympa
Pascal Lecoeur
0 # MarieB 2008-05-07 10:07
Beaucoup de poésie, de finesse et de tendresse. Bravo, continue à nous charmer.
0 # claudecoeudevez 2008-05-09 02:22
Je suis un grand fan de Camille ! Suis très heureux de la voir
Sous les projecteurs, BRAVO

Je la suis depuis ces premières heures sur Fotocommunity
Et je l’ai même présentée pour la galerie ….

Cela me fait du bien de te voir ici Camille

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