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Bryant Scannell

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Surreal = unreal or a dreamlike state. Therefore, depicting dreams. Through the calm soft colors of a Polaroid photo to the use of a digital SLR and going through the post-processing of a digital darkroom, similar to a traditional darkroom. This is my technique.

© Bryant ScannellDepict your dreams. They are what you make of them. We can say that we woke up from a dream, or, we can have a dream of obtaining a certain point in our lives. Dreams aren't only limited by REM sleep or whatever stage they think dreams are at nowadays.

Let's take the photo 2 + 2 = 5 for an example. Our minds are who we are. Without the mind our body is useless beyond the lines of being unique or producing creative means. We could do nothing more than a daily task designated to us as shown in Orwell's book, 1984.

"We are the artists", is what I like to say. The humans are the paints and the globe is our canvas. So really our primary medium is life, our secondary medium, is whatever we branch off into. My secondary medium is photography. It involves dreams that I have during the day on a sketchpad and dreams at night, never limited.

© Bryant ScannellThe reason I photo is very simple. To create images a person has never seen in life while keeping that surrealistic charm. I want them to question, "I wonder how he did that..." "What was he thinking..." and have it stick with them and ask the same question numerous times. Half the time there isn't thinking. It's the act of doing and letting everything come as natural as air while the creative process builds and builds on top of each other. Other times when it does not come naturally I look to books and the mind, the mind has a perspective of its own.

Photography to me is the art of recording something real and showing the true sense of things through a linear perspective, or, doing the exact opposite and showing your image in the state of, "being". Cameras can't break from linear perspective. It's a window that we record what we see and we have so much space to work with.

I am, Bryant Scannell. I am a striving college student majoring in photography based out of the metro area of Minnesota, USA.
I plan on growing in my photography artistically and in photojournalism. My dreams I aspire to include traveling the world, bringing my travels to the people, showing them what is real around the world and not just our front door. The world will be brought to their door and they will see images of what they don't know. To grow from the artistically is incorporating what I know, my eye, into what's real. That is what I intend to do. This, is what I intend to share.

© Bryant Scannell

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