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Yan Morvan - Under fire

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Photographer of the extreme? A real Fighter?
Winner of many awards, Yan Morvan has been going around the world for more than 20 years with his camera. We share with him some unique moments in this 26 minutes documentary.

The curious spirit which is inside us, with the help of Higgins, we discover a man apart. A winner more than ten times, World Press, Capa ..., it is as such an exploit but for Yan Morvan, I believe that it is of little importance, what matters is the subject, the adventure that he has lived. This man is always on the razor's edge, on the border or everything on the verge of falling into the abyss, His Celtic origins are one of the reasons of his bravery .

© Yan MorvanIn any case, Yan Morvan's passion for the image gave birth to an energy which is always intact.
While he would have been able to stay as a photographer of conflicts, a paparazzi of battlefields, Yan Morvan searched for other things :
 - Imagine him stroll with his camera during the  Lebanon war  by shooting fighters' portrait,
 - Imagine him to penetrate into him the world of gangs and bikers to allow us to understand better who are these people,
 - Imagine him going thru the America underground world or still to discover the world of the sadomasochistic sex and these protagonists...

© Yan MorvanBut what is he really looking for? Yan Morvan testifies with his camera of what a man is, his pictures are looked after and looked for, we are in a sort brutal aestheticism of reality, and the photographer urges us to think about our world in a different light.

Then Yan Morvan is a photographic philosopher? In Yan Morvan, Under Fire, you share with him, his experience and part of his life and feel what motivates him. The man who has captured meetings and events which definitively marked him and his photographic reflection is clearly intellectual.

Always demanding,  Yan Morvan looks ceaselessly for new subjects where the societal and human domaine is essential. He continues to testify within this more sophisticated shape.

Photographer of the extreme, Yan Morvan is not always appreciated by everybody, here at Fine Art Tv we took time to discover him  and as we you will be conquered.

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© Yan Morvan
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