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Sylvie Blum - Through a Woman's Eyes

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Certain actors have a burning desire to direct. However, the margin which exists between desire and talent does not always give birth to good results. To see a model who passes behind the camera is a phenomenon.  Even more rare is when she produces splendid work that we just have to admire. Fine Art TV met this exception, her name is Sylvie Blum.

© Fine Art TvDo not trust the apparent innocence of Sylvie Blum. Her sweetness and her freshness are only the veneer of a formidable creativity. A hyper-workaholic, she is an excessively demanding fighter. Fate has a place in the hundredth of second which creates the inspiration. An attitude, the decor, her word and that's it. She embarks on the job. The goal is to recompose this fugacious image which crossed her mind.

Her favorite photo? "The first". Why? "Because I obtained what I wanted". Sylvie controls everything from the beginning to the end and she leaves nothing to hazard. She is fighting for everything; going even beyond the requirements of productivity for the mediums of which she works: fashion and publicity. Sylvie Blum is a perfectionist, as was her mentor: Günter Blum.

© Fine Art TvFor 10 years before becoming a photographer, Sylvie Blum was the muse to the man who in 1995 became her husband. He taught her the magic of the darkroom, of lighting and of the technical considerations. He has also given her a taste for quality and shown her the importance that a picture gives during the totality of the design. After his death, she decided to perpetuate the love that they both had for photography by going from being the model in front of the camera to the photographer behind it.

Her first book appeared in 2000, Venus Selbst, or Venus by herself and it is a collection of naked self-portraits. The photographer mourns her career as a model and develops what will become her style.
The method is simple to be true. For Sylvie Blum, each photograph is a reflection of her soul. The personality is at the heart of her search, even when she is on assignment. What she requires of herself, she wishes to see in her models.© Fine Art Tv To go beyond the superficial and the plastic perfection is part of her job as photographer. But the model also needs to know to give her a share of herself. To hear those who know her, the proof is not so difficult to find. Sylvie Blum knows how to build confidence. Perhaps this is also because these moments are shared between women. The climate is not one of sexual excitement. This is a completely different energy.

Nudes, her second book is a reflection of this. Published in 2002, it celebrates the female body and ventures beyond beauty and narcissism. Using mainly black and white, the photographer revisits, in her own way, the classical nude.
The same year, she published another book called Hotel Orient from the name of the hotel where she lived for a year and half. There, she developed a certain idea of intimacy inspired by the private cabinets and left to express the erotic dreams of the men and women who posed for her.

© Fine Art TvBut the story does not stop here. After the woman and the couple, Sylvie Blum tries from 2002 to 2004 to chip away at a new mystery, man. The first part of this work was made in Miami. There she selected splendid men whom she invited to pass in front of her camera. But the résult was not as high as her demands. It is a collection of young athletes. The photographer then left the choice of casting to her make-up man, who loves men. She then learned to rediscover the male body and to familiarize herself with their sensuality. The result is poignant and is liked by men and women alike.

The last project of Photographer Sylvie Blum takes place in Namibia with what she calls big cats, meaning jaguars. With African models, she develops a new part of herself, always astonishing.

Portfolio by Sylvie Blum


0 # Simply art
ELSA 2008-02-24 21:38
Your work is a reference for other models that like you, love photography.
0 # Inspirant
mia 2008-03-04 19:05
Je suis aussi photographe de nu et cet interview m'a vraiment touché. Je crois aussi que le regard d'une femme est particulier. Merci pour cet article.
0 # Amazing work
RomeW 2008-12-26 10:02
I love your working i am now online looking for a copy of your books.

A fan
0 # I love your work!
jodyfrost 2011-06-15 18:50
I loved discovering you! Your great respect and appreciation of the female body is soo fresh, so delightful! As a woman who has been a nude model for a number of years and has also preferred to have women in front of my cameras, I feel drawn to your vision!
Everything you say about looking for the person beneath the flesh - that you look for not just a perfect body that simply tells a story of line and form, but that you want to find what animates the woman, her soul, I so resonate with that sensibility!
You're a great inspiration!
I'll be ordering your book now!
Best success always to you!
Jody Frost

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