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Sylvie Blum - Big Cats

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Sylvie Blum told us to visit Los Angeles for a very special shooting of a crazy creative idea : link together models, a desert, and some big cats that you are more used to seeing in Africa or at your local zoo.

Remember our first reportage about Sylvie Blum, she was the extraordinary muse and grief stricken widowed wife, of the great german photographer Gunter Blum. We hope that you discovered with FineArtTv how strong this woman photographer is, creative, deep and professionnal.

© Sylvie BlumYes, Sylvie Blum has inherited from her husband a sense of creativity but for me the most important thing is her personnality and her desire to achieving the goal of making her work known all over the world.

Coming back to this crazy creative idea !
For the Los Angeles Fashion based photographer, linking together models lions and a desert location was a way of celebrating the beauty the pureness and the esthetics of a situation. We can certainly confirm that she appeared nervous about the shoot, but as a professionnal she has organized all the shooting with the best people in Los Angeles in order to make the project a success.

© Sylvie BlumIn our reportage you will see how incredible this shoot was and you will certainly love it, you will immediately fall in love with this photo series called Big Cats. Big Cats isn't only another shoot with animals, I think that Sylvie has transformed men into animals. With the most beautiful models in California, a man is shown to be as soft as a cat or as strong as a lion.

But woman can be the same, isn't that right Sylvie ?

Sylvie Blum is now having her work shown at the most pretigious Los Angeles based gallery, managed by the well known David Fahey whom you have probably seen on FineArtTv.

© Sylvie BlumSpecial thanks for this report to our FineArtTv correspondant Brandon Noonan.

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