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Richard Murrian

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Who is Photographer Richard Murrian ?

It is always difficult to look at the subject of nudity and erotic photography when our vision, tastes and views are all so different.

There exist different styles, multiple feels, and various different ways of expression to make this subject come to life.

© Richard MurrianFor me personally Richard Murrian is above all a meeting.
In November 2005, I met him at Paris Photo after having made contact with him. I was a little surprised to see a young man arrive, about 35 years old, long chestnut colored hair, with more the look of a rocker than that of a serious photographer. I can hear you saying, is there really a stereotypical look for a photographer? After this meeting, I have to say probably not.

Why had I contacted Richard Murrian : because I loved his work, and I wanted to see if there was anything that we could possibly work together on in the future.
Richard the man immediately seduced me.  It is true that he is an American, a real one, with his own opinions, someone who can say no to you, or who can say yes with such a passion and in such a direct and commanding way.  Richard comes to us from Chicago, where the people are straight forward.

© Richard MurrianRichard Murrian became a photographer 10 years ago because of his passion for one women. If we trace his story back to the beginning, he quit his family home as a student to go to LA and created his own rock group. At just 17 years old, he had success with both the public and with women at this point !

After some years he returned to his family and a normal existence, and he wen the route of business and regular work in the finance industry, something that he excelled at! It was at this point he met Nancy.

© Richard MurrianRichard Murrian undertook his first photographic shoots with her as the subject, and she quickly became his advisor, then his wife and they decided together to leave everything, as the big world of the States was suffocating them with its puritan values that were too limiting.
Richard and Nancy left this country, where others dream of being welcomed. They decided to head for Europe and particularly Prague, the first step on their photographic journey.

However it is Paris that they both found their ideal place of residence.  Richard Murrian loves to find himself in his favorite area of the Butte Montmartre.

Although he could be described as photographic success story, accumulating photographic achievements, Richard has stayed humble, and I think above all just enjoying his photography.

In his first book « Reanna’s diaries » which was published in 2004, we can see that his work was influenced by the likes of David Hamilton and Robert Farber.  In that first work, Richard takes us on a voyage around 20 models and more particularly around a work undertaken with Reanna for which the true depth of his creativity starts to be revealed.

© Richard Murrian« See me Feel me » was released in 2006 and strongly reinforced his work. The photographic style of Richard had evolved, and he had rapidly developed to the level of his former influences to find his own voice and style. Richard Murrian is meticulous in his choices of model, he loves to share with them a part of his photographic voyage to bring to life the spirit of his style and to ensure that his photographic shoots have a level of sensuality and eroticism that come only from a long term relationship between a model and her photographer.

Richard Murrian is quite concerned when photographing the period of transition when a women undresses herself. Proceeding with a softness and gentleness, but not forbidding that little something that can lead to an erotic touch. Whilst innocence is obviously his favored working ground, he has been able to turn his work more to sensuality.
I had the chance to question him about his inspiration, and I think that only Nancy his wife enters into his heart.

© Richard Murrian"Babydoll" is his latest work, released this month, and if it is more autobiographic it is because he celebrates 10 years of marriage with his true love. Produced like a photographic novel, this work is certainly more shocking and more personal than the previous releases, and it certainly helps us to understand better the fused working relationship that he established from the start with his wife.

For Richard Murrian, romance is a meeting and as he has written in the preface of the book « See me Feel me », « All that is beautiful, is sacred» and Richard never deviates from this thought, this is what makes a man with whom we at Fine Art Tv love to work with.

Now its your turn to appreciate his work, both in Portrait and also in the section Muse in Fine Art Nude.


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