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Kim Weston - My Painting

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After watching the previous subjects and getting to know Kim Weston, we now continue on the journey with him. Kim Weston has worked in photography since a very early age and he had multiple influences, some of them have a similar style and technique to his father and uncle.

By viewing the film of his portfolio you will certainly find common codes within © Pascal Baetensthe Weston family: the use of black and white, the work around geometrical forms and the still lifes of the artistic nude. Kim Weston shared with us his perfect technical control and knowledge that he likes passing on during workshops that he organizes.

© Pascal BaetensKim Weston welcomes us into his studio and we discover via his passion,  photography with a feeling of serenity that is set free. In Kim’s work beautiful movements are of high importance. We shall appreciate themes around the ballet dancer, but also the perfect graphic management of his models in different universes.

Let us take advantage of this moment in Kim's studio and continue his Portrait.

© Pascal Baetens
Portfolio by Kim Weston


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