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Douglas Kirkland - Living Legend - Part 2

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In part two of our documentary dedicated to the Photographer Douglas Kirkland, he shares with us the 3 weeks he spent with Coco Chanel, and his meeting with Don Bachardy.  Indulge yourself in his glamorous photo shoot with Italian actress Jo Champa ?

At the end of this 52 minute documentary, I am positive that you will be under the charm of this photographer. In his time, his vast experience and memories of Hollywood and entertainment enlighten the viewer. The enthusiasm of New Yorkers for his Coco Chanel exhibition shows to which point his photographic work is more than a contemporary testimony.

© Douglas KirklandA man of cause and causes, Douglas Kirkland is committed to helping others as is evident in his work photographing sick children through his involvement with the initiative of the Starlight foundation. This is a body of serious work full of emotion and spontaneity.

For young Douglas Kirkland, the fact of not having been the best of 
the school was an incredible stroke of luck that has shaped his life.

Yes indeed I agree with the man himself... Douglas Kirkland is lucky!

The first part of the documentary can be found here.

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