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Clinio Giorgio Biavatti - Barocco Addicted

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He doesn't like the word intellectual. He doesn't want to think of himself as an artist.

Clinio Giorgio Biavati lives in Italy, but not just anyplace.  He lives in one of the most beautiful towns of Italy, Bologna. Clinio grew up in an environment tainted with art of the past.  His mother has, without a doubt, played a crucial role in the formation of his creative spirit while his father, involved in the bank market, intended a rather traditional career for Clinio.

© Fine Art TvAs Clinio Giorgio Biavati  likes to say, when others were watching television he was being astonished by books about the beauty of Baroque art and architecture. Young Clinio was a timid boy which can still be seen at times in his attitude.

Clinio Giorgio Biavati  decided by himself, even though he may have been guided or pushed by some professors, to dedicate himself to photography. His passion was born very early during his studies in economics.  In the Seventies though, in Italy, photography schools did not exist and learning was done on the job. It was in the darkroom where Clinio learned the rudiments of photography. These first exercises were more in architectural topics and from the incredibly rich environment surrounding him.

At the end of his studies young Clinio Giorgio Biavati  managed to find a job, with little pay, in the prestigious photographic studios of Bologna and Italy. By working with the best professionals he began learning how to master photography.

© Fine Art TvClinio Giorgio Biavati works as a commercial photographer for advertisers and agencies on an international level. For Clinio, this work is only a stage in his career. He likes travel and sharing knowledge and experiences concerning photographic expression with the Masters like Peter Beard, Franco Fontana, William Klein...

With technical mastery attained,Photographer Clinio Giorgio Biavati  developed his own expression. He studied the female body, especially the architectural side of the body.  The expressions, the forms, and the movement. He does not turn directly towards sex, instead he seeks, he tests, and he improves. We can sense multiple creative influences.

But behind his humility, Clinio Giorgio Biavati  ends up feeling crushed by the weight of the Italian Masters for whom he assisted, so he decided to free himself. Clinio, in search of a challenge, in 1988 starts a photographic examination around criticism of the consumer society.

© Clinio Giorgio BiavattiThis will give rise to a strong photographic series.  A true scenographic table of the drifts of the consumer society.  Realized entirely in the studio, in 1990 this work is awarded the Italian prize of photography by Kodak.

The interest of our meetings, is to understand the paths taken for better decoding the lives of those impassioned by photography. The death of his father marks a very painful time for Clinio and also the need to make a break.

He prematurely retires and joins the world of the sea. Under the crackling of the flashes, a silence takes place. It is with a video camera in the abyssal depths that he explores the underwater world in company of his wife Mila. He thus makes several films. Sublimated by the hosts of the places, Clinio draws energy necessary to survive this painful period which will grow blurred only a few years later. It leaves us a considerable heritage of these underwater strolls.

© Clinio Giorgio BiavattiPhotographer Clinio Giorgio Biavati  awakes at the dawn of 2000 and reveals himself to himself.  His past, his education and personal evolution all determine his photographic talent.  The ancient Baroque arts create a daunting new challenge for him.

Again taking up his passion, he looks to pioneer a photographic test on Baroque art. Is this step not a synthesis of his 40 years of existence ? Meticulously, he adapts the baroque universe, the history, the codes, the imagery and he will breathe new life through this photographic style.

This is not only photography but rather a work whose long process gives birth to a creation not far from painting. The study and the time spent are two elements which he shares with the artists of ancient art...

At the beginning, the art world watched with strangeness. The biggest luminaries including Professor Andréa Emiliani have finally recognized his work as not a pale copy of unique works but a contemporary artistic interpretation of baroque work.

Throughout this month Fine Art TV draws a portrait of Clinio Giorgio Biavati , a film dedicated to his personality and his story, a film dedicated to the award winning work on the critique of consumer society and the baroque creations by Clinio Georgio Biavati.

Portfolio by Clinio Giorgio Biavatti


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I'd like to get in contact with Mr Clinio Giorgio Biavatti. How do I proceed?

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Patrick DS

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