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Stefano Zardini - Trilogy

Face to Face
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Stefano Zardini is back on Face to Face presenting Trilogy, a series offering a journey towards consciousness through the ageless forms of nature.

© Stefano ZardiniTrilogy, or the three moments of a story of freedom from the world's suffering to the forgotten joy of the heavy weight of questioning. Three parts of a monologue, thoughts gathered along the rocky road of a conscience that finds itself in the clarity of analysis: the torment of the human condition, constrained within the anguish of an intense violence that lashes out everywhere, sacrificing the individual on the altar of a technology lacking in ends but full of means. Running from it are the dancers, emblematic figures repeating in the air the anxious movements of those who seek novelty, up until the final separation, which opens to the soul such spaces of hyperuranium aloof from any misery.

© Stefano ZardiniThis is the latest creative work by Stefano Zardini, an astonishing photographer of nature and a restless explorer of its meanings. In paraphrasing Michel Leiris, poet of surrealism, one could venture that there are photographers who first think, then shoot, those who shoot without thinking, and those who shoot "to" think. Zardini is receptive to the suggestions of tortuous trunks and roots, weary metaphors of a Montale-like tiredness of living, of a vision with no illusions about the negativity of existence. So, as with Montale, we can speak of a "naturalistic symbolism" in moving beyond experience to face the confrontation with reality.

Thus, as the tangled masses unravel into light, flitting movements of dance into the symbolic dreaminess of the transcendent, we follow a journey to consciousness and back. And to avoid any interference with the strength of the message, a clear solitude envelopes the shapes: all around is the dreamy whiteness of a landscape of non-existence, a suspension of all anxiety, of photographs and spirit.

Everything else is technical perfection or, as described elsewhere, a highly tense graphic representation, put into "full" focus in a decisive moment for exposing, through the object, its own idea.

This is the language chosen by Zardini, refined director of lens choreography. A language that listens to suggestions through the powerful, fleeting shots he has always used to survey the world. Now the time has come for him to interpret it.

Ennio Rossignoli

© Stefano Zardini
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