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Pierre Delaunay

Face to Face

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In association with
FEP - Federation of European Professional Photographers

In the city of Ruffec (France) where he was born in 1962, Pierre Delaunay has been a professional photographer for 25 years. Like Obelix, he was affected by the magic potion « révélateur »  (revelation) because his parents were also photographers.

A humanistic and social photographer, his images translate the emotion that emerges from his characters.

© Pierre DelaunayHe has been awarded numerous times for his portraits and he exhibits his work in France as well as Spain and Hungary. A trainer and speaker for international conferences, he is one of the organizers of the photo-reportage festival: Barrobjectif.

« Technique is not my priority. I know it and control it but I prefer to dedicate myself to the most important source of photographic success: human relations. The closer I get to the subject, the more trust exists and the more I can communicate. If the person is reluctant, I do not insist. I noticed that when I am very close to them, the camera disappears. At this moment, you are no longer a voyeur but you become someone close.

My professional work resembles my personal work enormously. My approach is the same: little depth of field (always in f1.4) and the framing is often off center which helped me win my first European title QEP in 2003 with wedding photos in the 'Delaunay style' (head cut off, close ups on their hands). They are images where there is no photographer, where one feels a style.

© Pierre DelaunayI consider myself as a "truetograph", preferring to make images without retouching or manipulation, to keep the magic of the capture. The debate of film vs digital was settled a long time ago by our suppliers. I hope that there will still be film used in the future to enable us young "truetographs" to continue to express ourselves.

The image for me is made to tell a story (for our children). Archiving, the saving of images (a duty of memory) is a big question mark of today.

For my first exhibit, I measured myself against amateurs with apprehension, because there are good amateurs and bad professionals. It is difficult to show my work to an audience, but very interesting to discover comments by hiding among the visitors. This exhibition ended well because it triggered my first experience with television.

The images of the series "my elderlies" were realized during reportage and professional journeys in Italy, Spain, Hungary and close to my home of Charentes.

I was in search of "looks", faces that said many things. The meetings are often the result of luck. I always have a camera with me to be able to stop time from getting older. »

© Pierre Delaunay
Portfolio by Pierre Delaunay


+1 # a real face to face
noteborg 2008-05-24 08:34
Pierre, Pierot as he is better known among his peers. The man who is always taking pictures, always filming. A huge smile behind some sort of camera. One of the very few truthfull photographers in the great tradition of social photography. Looking at his portraits is looking at the story of a life. This work belongs in a museum. Problem is that museums and gallerists don't like sincerity. Blabla and big bucks is there trade. Pierrot and his work are the opposite. Intimite echos of dissapearing characters.

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