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Michael Hall

Face to Face
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In association with
FEP - Federation of European Professional Photographers

New Zealand photographer, Michael Hall is a recognized photographer in Asia as well as in Europe where he is member of the FEP. Concerned by environmental problems, he dedicates his personal projects to the impact of man on landscapes.

Michael Hall was raised in the Far North of New Zealand spending much of his early years swinging off ropes into rivers and building camp fires with his brothers and neighborhood friends.

© Michael HallDuring his late teens and early 20's he got lost sailing the worlds oceans throughout some remote and some not so remote parts of Eurasia and North America. It was here he discovered his love for capturing images on film.

Awarded 2006 Photographer Of The Year by The Federation of European Photographers, Michael has been in the industry now for over 18 years.
He has worked professionally throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.

© Michael HallComing from a background of travel and editorial photography, all of his work features a strong element of location and beautiful qualities of light and craft.

His work features in the ACMP Collections of the previous 3 years. He holds a triple gold masters of photography with the NZIPP and he judges regularly at the Australian & the New Zealand Photography Awards.  In 2004 he was named Canon‘s New Zealand Architectural Photographer of the year.

As a balance to his commercial work Michael invests much time and energy into personal projects. One such project is an ongoing series of landscapes portraying mans influence upon it. 

''Nobody doubts that, as a planet, we're in trouble.
As the world's governments continue to drive economies with fossil fuels, big business in turn dictate government policy. Together, they are driving the human race and all species further toward an unprecedented man made disaster.
My work seeks to document the causes and provide a preview of some of the effects; an early indication of things to come if we do nothing and continue with business as usual.''

Portfolio by Michael Hall


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